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Cadet Bargar Travels To West Africa With Fellow CULP Participants


Cadet Bargar Travels To West Africa With Fellow CULP Participants

“ I always have fun at our Field Training Exercises. We get to go out in the woods and participate in training missions like conducting ambushes, bunker clearing operations, and recons. I also enjoy our yearly Air Assault mission where we ride Black Hawk helicopter to Ashland and conduct a mission. ”

Jacob Dudley, Hickman, NE


The Ranger Challenge is an opportunity for schools to "compete" with each other completing military tasks. In addition to a written examination where Cadets test their Army knowledge, there are physical fitness drills and field exercises. Battalions leave a Ranger Challenge with stronger bonds and sharper skills.


The National Society of Pershing Rifles gives Army ROTC Cadets the opportunity to develop to the highest degree possible. Cadets can take part in precision trick rifle drill teams that provide them with the outstanding traits of leadership, military bearing and discipline.

Big Red Welcome

Each year kicks off with the Big Red Welcome to introduce incoming freshman to all that UNL has to offer. The Welcome is held in and around the Nebraska Union on City Campus.  Army ROTC cadets are on hand to speak to incoming freshman and give them a chance to try their hand on the climbing wall. It's a great way to talk to people involved in the Army ROTC program in an informal setting.

Cadet Owen Barger

This past summer, Junior Cadet Owen Barger traveled to the West African country of Benin along with eight other Cadets from all across the country as part of theArmy ROTC Cultural Understanding Language Program (CULP). While in Benin, the group worked with the Beninese Army. During the weekdays the Cadets spent the mornings teaching English to the Cadets at the National Academy of Toffo. The academy hosts soldiers from all over West Africa who, upon graduation, become officers in their country’s army. Afternoons were spent working alongside the African Cadets in service projects that helped the surrounding communities, planting crops that the doctors in the area use to provide much needed medicine to the people, and visiting local villages. On weekends the Cadets went on various excursions to experience the West African culture. Activities included visiting historical cities of Abhomey, the birthplace of voodoo in Ouidah, and going to a national soccer game in the biggest city, Cotonou.

Congratulations, Cadet Bargar, on being selected as a participant in the Army ROTC Cultural Language Program.

Stadium Security

Each fall the Cadre and Cadets of the Big Red Battalion provide security for Memorial Stadium during home foot ball games. Army ROTC also provides the color guard at the opening of each game and stadium clean up services afterward.  This provides income to the battalion cadet fund which is used by the cadets for events (such as paint ball and the Dining Out), cadet incentive items and for the cadet lounge.  Plus, it's a chance to watch some live Cornhusker football!

Physical Training

PT is held three mornings a week. Cadets participate in cardio, weight training, and team building exercises.  PT is mandatory for contracted cadets.  Cadets requiring extra help to meet physical requirements can also attend remedial PT two afternoons a week.

Fall Labs

Lab is held on Thursday afternoons.  Cadets participate in exercises designed and led by other cadets. This includes weapons training, small unit tactics, land navigation, combat water survival training, and team building exercises.

Rappelling Lab

Each fall the cadets participate in a rappelling lab.  In 2005, the lab was held at the Southeast Community College burn building, which is used by firemen in training for controlled burns.  The tower has two walls used for rappelling, a 30 foot wall and a 60 foot wall.

Fall Field Training Exercises

In 2005, the Cadre and Cadets of the Big Red Battalion participated in the Fall FTX at a National Guard training site near Hastings, NE. This included live fire exercises with M16s and grenades, land navigation, and urban combat exercises.

Joint Field Meet

This is a time for the cadets of the Army ROTC to test themselves against the cadets and midshipmen of the Air Force ROTC and Navy (Marines) ROTC.  Competitions in physical endurance, litter races, ultimate frisbee, and other games are held.

Veteran's Day

The annual Veteran's Day ceremonies include an address from the Professor of Military Science and a football game. In 2005, the Army defeated the Navy in Memorial Stadium. The Army Color Guard is also on hand for several ceremonies throughout the day for various organizations.

Ranger Challenge

Each year UNL fields several teams at the Brigade Ranger Challenge, held at Camp Dodge, Iowa.  Cadets compete in orienteering, 10K road march, one rope bridge, hand grenade assault course, basic rifle marksmanship, weapons assembly/disassembly and other events against other Army ROTC programs from the region.

Dining In

At the beginning of December the cadets organize and host the annual Dining In, a formal Military Dinner with an invited speaker and cadet skits.  The cadets learn the Army’s rich tradition and camaraderie.

Spring Labs

The first lab in the Spring 2005 semester was an open house hosted by the 167th Cavalry, a Nebraska National Guard unit based in Ashland, NE.  Cadets learn bayonet training, participate in a field leadership reaction course, and many more activities.

Big Red Roadshow

One of two road shows in 2005, the Omaha Big Red Road Show was held at the new Qwest Convention Center. Cadets and Cadre were on hand to speak with visitors and let them try their aim with the laser M16 and video monitor.

Combat Water Survival Training (CWST)

The CWST is held every spring to test cadets' ability to survive in the water under combat conditions.  Cadets were tested both in swim suits and full BDUs and gear.

Military Ball

At the beginning of March the junior cadets host the Military Ball.  In 2005 the Ball was held at Windsor Stables reception facility.  The Ball includes dinner and plenty of dancing.  The graduating seniors are the guests of honor.

Army Awards and Open House

The Army Awards and Open House is held each spring in March. This is a time for cadets to receive recognition for their accomplishments and effort over the past year.  Parents and friends are invited to see displays showing the various activities the cadets have been engaged in during the past year.

Chancellor's Review

Held in April of each year, this ceremony presents the cadets of all three branches (Army, Air Force, and Navy/Marines) with scholarships and awards in a formal environment with the UNL Chancellor as the guest of honor.

Commencement and Commissioning

Held in May, August, or December of each year, graduating cadets are congratulated and commissioned as Second Lieutenants.