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Cadets may attend Airborne School at Ft Benning, GA.

Cadets qualify for Airborne

Cadets may attend Airborne School at Ft Benning, GA.

“ I really enjoyed Airborne School; I trained for three weeks over the summer at Fort Benning Georgia and made five parachute jumps. ROTC really challenges you to push yourself and succeed. ”

Lisa M. Klekowski, St. Charles, Illinois

See how interesting college can be when you're a part of Army ROTC. You'll be a college student first and foremost, just like the rest of the student body, but there's a key difference: you'll have even more opportunities to succeed.

These opportunities include Field Training Exercises (FTXs) in the spring and fall where Cadets build their teamwork and leadership skills. Cadets also participate in Physical Training (PT) on a regular basis to keep up their strength and endurance.

In addition, each battalion has its own unique calendar of events and activities.

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ROTC provides groups and experiences that help college life

ROTC has been a very rewarding experience for me.   When I first came to the University of Illinois, I was a little overwhelmed and didn’t know anyone.   ROTC immediately gave me a support group, and I made many new friends.   Every Thursday the cadets wear their uniforms to class, and it makes you feel as if you are a part of something.   I think the best training we have had was the weekend at Camp Atterbury in Indiana.   We were able to shoot M16 rifles, experiences life in the barracks, and go paintballing.

Army ROTC builds confidence

Being part of ROTC at U of I has been a very rewarding experience for me.  I have gained confidence and respect and overall its given me something to be proud of.

Cadets on the UIUC Campus

Nowhere else except at the University of Illinois can someone get the thrilling, leadership-based experiences that comes with being a cadet in Army ROTC as well as a high-quality education from the top university in the state.   You gain people-oriented skills that you can use outside the program and will be required to succeed later in life.  Not only that, you will make many new friends who share the same values as you.