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The Triton Warrior Battalion

The Army ROTC Program was established at the University of Guam on 19 October, 1979.  Originally christened the Gold Warrior Battalion, the ROTC Program’s first Military Science classes were taught to 44 Initial Level and 25 Secondary Level cadets in the Fall of 1980. 

Enthusiastic participation from the cadets, top-notch instruction from the cadre, and great cooperation between the University and its Military Science Department quickly forged an ROTC Program that was recognized both nationally and locally for their excellence.  By 1984, the University of Guam’s ROTC Program had received the coveted “Warrior of the Pacific” award from the Department of the Army, the “Excelsior” award from the University President, and U.S. Congressional recognition for their performance.  Academic scholarships soon followed, with cadets obtaining National ROTC Scholarships as well as scholarships granted by the University Board of Regents.

In May 1994, the ROTC Program was renamed the Triton Warrior Battalion.  This new name truly conveyed the strength of the ROTC cadets and cadre as they continued to achieve fantastic success through the years, with the most recent being official recognition in 2002 by the Department of the Army as the Top U.S. Army ROTC Program, beating 270 other schools in the entire nation.  In addition, a satellite ROTC Basic Course program of instruction recently began at the College of Northern Marianas in Saipan, sponsored by the Triton Battalion, and providing for the transfer to Guam of any Saipan cadets wishing to continue into the ROTC Advanced Course.

Currently, there are Triton Warriors finding success in every branch of the U.S. Army’s Officer Corps, there are abundant financial scholarship opportunities, and there are 120 cadets proudly enrolled and learning to lead in the University of Guam’s Army ROTC Program – the Triton Warrior Battalion.