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Teachers, Mentors and Superb Officers

Weapons Qualification

Teachers, Mentors and Superb Officers

LTC Roach

Professor of Military Science

MSL IV Instructor
Phone: 352-392-0729

MSG Joe McCullough

Senior Military Instructor

Phone: 352-294-0725

CPT Brian Lilly

Executive Officer/MS II Instructor

Phone: 352-294-0738

CPT Jason Randolph

MS III Instructor

Phone: 352-294-0732

SFC(P) Ruben Molina

MSL III Instructor

Phone: 352-294-0730

SFC Matthew Leahart

MSL I Instructor

Phone: 352-294-0733

Mr. Kyle Everage

Recruiting Operations Officer

Phone: 352-392-2769

Ms. Portia Sue Rudolph

Cadet Actions

Phone: 352-294-0726