University of Delaware

1LT Reverri (center) with some of his soldiers in Iraq

"The ROTC program at the University of Delaware was a great portal for my cultivation into an efficient and highly motivated junior Army officer and will, without a doubt, promote my future success in any military skill set or civilian leadership position." 1st Lieutenant Brian Reverri, UD '05

CPT Hills

Company Commander

"University of Delaware ROTC gave me the basic tools and confidence that helped me be so successful in the Army today"

1LT Curtis

Broadcast Company Executive Officer

I didn't know I wanted to join the army until after I took the entry level ROTC class and Ranger Company.  UD ROTC was such a fun and challenging program and the day I was commissioned as a 2LT was more exciting than actually graduating from college! Becoming an officer was so rewarding and I've been lucky to be in two great airborne units so far.  I wouldn't change my experience for the world.  I have made such great friends and the experiences I've had and memories I've made will stay with me for the rest of my life.  And even if I decide not to stay in, I know that the skills I learned in ROTC all the way through my current job will prepare me for the civilian world.  I couldn't be happier!