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President Dan Curran:  Since 1917, the Army has been training officers at the University of Dayton. For over 85 years this vital link between civilian and military training has and continues  to be a significant principle in our democracy by providing our University an opportunity to strengthen our nation’s defense.  I support  Army ROTC on this campus because it is a valuable part of the outstanding educational choice at this institution.  Leadership experience gained in Army ROTC will be a valuable addition to your overall education which you will use throughout your lifetime.  Army ROTC  represents an important opportunity on this campus and one I enthusiastically support.  I hope you select the University of Dayton because this University, like Army ROTC, can provide a rich and rewarding education to help you achieve success.

Battalion History

With the first commissioning class in June 1922 through the May 2012 commissioning class the University of Dayton Army ROTC program has commissioned 2,490 officers for the United States Army.  Many became career officers and many moved on to very successful careers in other government or civilian pursuits in various ways.

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