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The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) in Connecticut is a voluntary Military Science and Leadership program designed to enhance a student's education by providing unique and challenging leadership and management experience. Students fromCentral Connecticut State University,ConnecticutCollege,Eastern Connecticut StateUniversity,Fairfield University,Quinnipiac University,Sacred Heart University,Southern Connecticut State University,The University of Connecticut,Trinity College,University of Bridgeport,University of Hartford,University of New Haven,Wesleyan University,Western Connecticut State UniversityandYale Universitymay enroll in our classes. Thisprogram consists of a series of college electives which help students develop self-discipline, physical stamina, poise, and other qualities essential to success. It is open to full-time male and female students.

Battalion History

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) had its beginning in 1819 at whatis now known as Norwich University. By the 1850's, military instruction on civilian college campuses had spread to other institutions. The Civil War highlighted the problem of training sufficient military leaders during times ofcrisis. This led to the Land Grant Act of 1862 which provided land and money for the establishment of additional colleges which agreed to offer courses in military tactics.

The National Defense Act of 1916 reestablished the idea of a citizen army to meet the needs of the nation's defense. Thousands of ROTC graduates served inthe First World War, providing valuable leadership and experience to an army that grew from less than 150,000 to more than one and a half million. The program was then suspended during the war but began again in 1920. The ROTC graduates from 1920 to 1940 provided the cadre of reserve officers for theSecond World War.

The National Defense Act of 1916 also reorganized the Army Reserve, the Army National Guard and the Regular Army into the Army of the United States. Officers for this expanded citizen Army were to be given military instructionin institutions under a Reserve Officer's Training Corps. By the end of WorldWar II, more than 118,000 ROTC officers had served their country.

In the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, ROTC provided the majority of the officers for the Army. Young officers came from all walks of life and served with distinction. ROTC graduates have attained the highest ranks in the Army and continue to provide the majority of officers for the active as well asreserve forces.

Army ROTC is a well respected, tenured program at the University ofConnecticut. We are located on the third floor of the former Hall Dorm in thecore campus area.

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