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Cadets receive unique training such as flying in helicopters to a training site.

Air Assault

Cadets receive unique training such as flying in helicopters to a training site.

Welcome to the Army ROTC at University of Central Missouri. More than 150 students of the "Fighting Mules Battalion" take Army ROTC courses on campus every year. The CMSU Army ROTC Program has consistently been recognized locally and nationally as one of the best ROTC Battalions in the nation. Our program continues to grow and prosper, but only because of the high caliber of our cadets.

Get Involved

The CMSU ROTC Battalion provides color guards and cannon crews for sporting and special events on and off campus. The department hosts several training and rappelling events in conjunction with picnics and cookouts for individuals enrolled in ROTC. The department is home to one of the top Ranger Challenge Teams in the tri-state area. The Ranger Challenge Team is an elite group of cadets who train hard and compete against other schools. Other activities at CMSU ROTC are Colorguard, Cannon Crew, Push-up Crew, and the Bataan Death March.

Scholarship Opportunities

The department is able to offer scholarships in many different majors, to include nursing. The Fighting Mules Battalion has established several different entry programs to suit the under-grad, graduate students, non-prior service,and prior service students. Any questions, please call 660-543-4862.

The professor of Military Science at CMSU has several incentive awards available to him in the form of room and board scholarships, and cash awards.These incentives are awarded to students in all levels of ROTC (MSI, II, III,IV) based on academic, physical fitness and participatory excellene at all four course levels.

The University of Central Missouri provides additional scholarship opportunities to Army Scholarship cadets above and beyond what you may receive when offered a High School Scholarship from the Army. These include full Room & Board and the Military Tuition package.

Check out our benefits page for details.

Battalion History

History of the Fighting Mules Patch

The Fighting Mules Battalion Patch has long been a symbol of the professionalism ascribed to by the Army ROTC Cadets at the University of Central Missouri. The original patch was divided into three components. The mule is representative of the "tough mindedness" of the Fighting Mules Cadets. The silver horseshoe is symbolic of the Cadets who have passed through the battalion, and commitment to integrity which they displayed as they pursued their commissions.

The Fighting Mules Battalion Patch has evolved throughout the years, just as the University of Central Missouri has. The present patch still displays the mule, once again representing the "tough mindedness" of the Cadets. The patch also includes the acronym for the recently renamed University of Central Missouri. Just as all previous patches, the University's colors of red and black highlight the patch, and represent the spirit of cooperation which has existed between the university and the Department of Military Science over the years.

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