University of California Los Angeles

Training Our Future Leaders - 80 Years and Going Strong

For over 80 years, the UCLA Military Science Department has continued to provide exciting classroom and adventure training leading to a commission as an Army Officer in the Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard.  Officer positions available to UCLA Army ROTC graduates include Military Intelligence, Aviation, Engineer, Military Police, Communications, Infantry, Transportation, Finance, Law, Nursing, and Medical Officer Corps just to name a few.

UCLA Army ROTC and Partnership Schools

In 2004, the Battalion formally established Bravo Company on the campus of California State University Northridge (CSUN) as an addition to the UCLA Battalion.  The UCLA Army ROTC Battalion continues to grow through additional relationships developed with other southern California colleges and universities.  Students at Pepperdine, Mount St. Mary’s, Loyola Marymount University, California State University Los Angeles, Master’s College, Westwood College, National University, University of Phoenix (Los Angeles), Chapman College, and any other baccalaureate degree or graduate degree producing program can take their ROTC classes at UCLA or CSUN Army ROTC for required commissioning credit and financial benefits.

Additionally, community college students can participate fully in all training and classroom instruction for academic credit.  Once a community college student is accepted as a transfer student to a baccalaureate degree producing program, they are eligible to receive the financial benefits as well.