University of California, Davis (UCD)
New recruits learn a variety of skills such as lobbing smoke grenades.

Simulating the Chaos of battle during a Field Training Exercise

New recruits learn a variety of skills such as lobbing smoke grenades.

“ The FTX builds on leadership by providing cadets with a realistic training venue that effectively simulates the fog of war. ”

A. Vanzijll, Fremont, CA


The Ranger Challenge is an opportunity for schools to "compete" with each other completing military tasks. In addition to a written examination where Cadets test their Army knowledge, there are physical fitness drills and field exercises. Battalions leave a Ranger Challenge with stronger bonds and sharper skills.


The National Society of Pershing Rifles gives Army ROTC Cadets the opportunity to develop to the highest degree possible. Cadets can take part in precision trick rifle drill teams that provide them with the outstanding traits of leadership, military bearing and discipline.

Field Training Exercise

Each spring and fall, cadets participate in a Field Training Exercise designed to introduce them to military operations and Soldier Skills.

Bataan Memorial Death March

Cadets and servicemen and women from around the world come to compete in this memorial event in New Mexico.  The event is a marathon held in the desert to honor the thousands of WWII soldiers who were marched for miles in the harsh climate of the Philippine jungles.  Cadets compete as teams or as individuals to commemorate these soldiers and as a physical challenge to push themselves to the limit.

Color Guard

Throughout the school year, cadets have the opportunity to gain experience as a member of a Color Guard team performing at various events in the community including: sporting events, parades, and Memorial Day services.

Military Ball / Dining In

Military Ball/Dining In events are held twice a year to introduce the cadets to the formal side of the military and to promote esprit-de-corps in the battalion. 

Intramural Teams

To get a break from ROTC and student life, cadets form Intramural Teams to have fun and some friendly competition against other student teams.  In the past, the cadets have formed basketball, soccer, inner tube water polo, dodge ball, football, and softball teams.