University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff


The Ranger Challenge is an opportunity for schools to "compete" with each other completing military tasks. In addition to a written examination where Cadets test their Army knowledge, there are physical fitness drills and field exercises. Battalions leave a Ranger Challenge with stronger bonds and sharper skills.


The National Society of Pershing Rifles gives Army ROTC Cadets the opportunity to develop to the highest degree possible. Cadets can take part in precision trick rifle drill teams that provide them with the outstanding traits of leadership, military bearing and discipline.

Participation in extracurricular organizations, sponsored by the UAPB Military Science Department is strongly encouraged for all cadets. The professor of military science is responsible for monitoring the activities of all extracurricular organizations. A cadre advisor is appointed by the PMS foreach cadet organization. Participation in extracurricular activities adds aspirited and adventurous dimension to the traditional academic focus of the military science instruction. The activities listed below are currently activeon the UAPB campus. This list is not intended to limit the number of active organizations or to prohibit the initiation of new ones.

Cadets perform color guard duties on a rotational basis for home football games, basketball games, parades and other functions determinedby the professor of military science as appropriate. Service on the color guard teaches military drill and respect for the national colors and places the cadetin the public view.

Each spring several cadets are commissioned into the UnitedStates Army during ceremonies held on each campus.  Families, friends,University Presidents and other distinguished guests take part in thecommisioning ceremony.