The University of Southern Mississippi

Rachel Nix

Nursing student

Cadet Nix is one of our outstanding cadets.  She used ROTC to itsfullest to help pursue her nursing career.  She always attained over 300points on every APFT and she was also able to participate on the university’strack team while doing ROTC.  At the end of ROTC she attained status asthe top nursing student in the Western Region.. Listed below are some of thefinancial assistance ROTC was able to help her with. 

Full Tuition $2,053 per semester

ROTC Tax-Free Stipend as a Senior $400 per month

ROTC Book/Lab Fee Reimbursement $900 per year

Nursing Equipment Reimbursement $300 

She plans to be commissioned in the U.S. Army as 2nd Lieutenant Army NurseCorps.  Plans to serve on Active Duty with Full Pay and Benefits and plansto pursue Masters Degree.  After 24 months, she will more than likely earnall expense-paid plus salary Graduate Nursing Program.