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1LT Challen Class of ’03 speaks to a JROTC class.

Returning Alumni Program

1LT Challen Class of ’03 speaks to a JROTC class.

Returning Alumni Program

ORAP / SRAP - Officers can now share their deployment experiences with their alma mater!!!  As of Jan. 15, 2005, officers who are currently located in CONUS and have served in support of Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom may request to participate in SRAP, where eligible personnel can serve up to 14 days on temporary duty at a recruiting station nearest their hometown. Before SRAP, interested officers could participate in the U.S. Army Command Cadet program called Officer Returning Alumni Program, or ORAP. The program, which is completely unfounded, allows an officer to return to his alma mater on permissive TDY status to share his experiences as an officer. Interested officers must be 28 years old or less, look the part of an Army officer, display a positive image, and be articulate and enthusiastic about what they do. Interested ROTC officers must submit their applications (4187) directly to Major Van Hout from Cadet Command, and email CPT Amy Wallace, the ROO,  Several officers have already participated in this program as well as the Hometown Recruiter Assistance Program.  Requests will undergo a screening process, which takes about seven days. Approved officers will be notified via e-mail.


Want to Give Back to ROTC?

We have received information that our graduates would like to give back to ROTC in appreciation for leadership opportunities and experience gained.  However, there is no direct option on the Alumni giving site to do so.  If you would like to give back to the ROTC program,click here, in block that reads Designation of Gift/Pledge, select the option "Other."  In the next block, you will be able to write in ROTC and the money will come to our program.


Distinguished Military Alumni

  • LTC McCrae, JHH Resident, WWI doctor and poet


  • Dr. Walter Reed, Major, Army physician and medical research scientists
  • Henry Williams, Rear Admiral, JHU ‘93-4, Naval Academy Graduate 1898



  • Dr. Duncan, Naval Academy Graduate, JHU Professor


  • Woodrow Wilson, President and Commander in Chief, WWI


  • Colonel Garrison, Army Medical Corps, JHU Welch Librarian, A.B. 1890


  • Newton D. Baker, Secretary of War, WWI


  • Captain Miles, Medal of Honor in WWI, Dean of JHU English Dept


  • Major Whitehead, A.B. 1898, Ph.D. 1902, conducting War Dept research on campus during WW

  • Dr. Young, Head of JHH Genitourinary Surgery; recieved the Distinguished Service Medal for WWI research on V.D.  


  • Major General Crane

  • Brigadier General Meakins


  • H. W. Michael, A.B 1909, MD 1913, Distinguished Service Medal, WWI


  • Major General Hume


  • Major General Goethals, Ll.D.


  • Brigadier General Cort

  • Rear Admiral Heimer

  • Captain Merrick, Distinguished Service Cross and French Croix de Guerre for Valor in WWI

  • Major General Wood, Jr.


  • Henry Cotheals Evans, Major General, WWI and WWII


  • Brigadier Gener Dunham,

  • Brigadier General Wood


  • Horatio Ridout, Admiral*


  • Brigadier General Lovett

  • Admiral Schanze


  • Dr. Baker, SOM, Chief of the Medical Service with the JHH-manned US Army's 18th General Hospital

  • Brigadier General Day, USAF

  • Brigadier General McNead


  • Lieutenant General Medenbach, (PA), Superintendent, VFMA&C

  • General* Waters


  • Brigadier General Baer
  • Brigadier General Ives


  • Admiral* Kintberger


  • Brigadier General Jung, U.S. Air Force


  • Bang, A.B. 1935, M.S 1939, Legion of Merit for combating malaria in the Pacific during WWII
  • Admiral Dennison

  • Major General Hoisington, II, USAF

  • Dr. King, EICF, MD in 1940 from JHU, President of Ajax X-Ray

  • Brigadier General Ogletree


  • LTC Galloway, DMS & EICF, Executive with Union Carbide

  • Brigadier General Sayer, Ph.D

  • Colonel Weber, Jr., DMS


  • Lieutenant General Rowny


  • LTC ClauticeEICF

  • Colonel Mewshaw DMS


  • General* Almquist

  • Major General Smith, Jr., VP for Ethyl Corporation


  • Mr. McCord, EICF, WWII & Managing Partner w/ Whitman, Requardt & Assoc.


  • 1LT Hanzlik, Jr, WWII, Office of Asst SECDEF for Installations and Logistics


  • Major General Wilkins, USAF, School of Medicine


  • Mr. Cohen, EICF, WWII/Korean Pilot, Army Chemical Corps Design Engineer

  • Dr. Serenati, Brigadier General,  USAF, Post Grad Training at Johns Hopkins Hospital


  • Major General Desaussure, Jr.

  • Major General Hall, Ph.D. USAF, JHH Residency   Wilford Hall Medical Center

  • 1LT Nicaise, USAF Pilot, died in Korea, Cited for Valor

  • Jeffery G. Smith, Lieutenant General, MME

  • Eugene B. Sterling, Major General, USAF

  • Mark W. Woods, Admiral*


  • Dr. Fratis L. Duff, Brigadier General, USAF, MPH, DPH

  • Laddie L. Stahl, Major General, General Electric Executive

  • Edwin Warfield, III, Major General, Maryland National Guard Adjutant General, 1970-79; CEO of The Daily Record


  • Paul Lane Ives, Pilot for the Delaware Bay and River and the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal

  • Phillip S. McManus, Admiral*

  • Richard C. Moore, Brigadier General, USMC

  • John Carpenter Raaen, Jr., Major General

  • Eli L. Veazey, Colonel, DMS


  • Dr. Theodore C. Bedwell, Jr., Major General, USAF, School of Public Health

  • William E. Edmonston, Jr., EICF, Neuroscientist; Professor, Emeritus

  • John M. Fritz, EICF, USAF Pilot, General Electric Executive

  • Jerome D. Julius, EICF, LTC, USAF

  • Robert B. Rutherford, EICF,  Vascular Surgeo

  • Robert H. Scott, 1LT,. EICF, JHU Lacrosse/Football coach & Athletic Director


  • Arthur Ainsley Ageton, Rear Admiral

  • Richard J. Farrell, 1LT, EICF, USAF & NASA missile systems

  • Charles H. Gerwig, Jr., LtCdr, USN, EICF, NASA; Computer Imagery; NSA Encryption

  • Ross Jones, 1LT, EICF, Johns Hopkins University Vice President and Secretary


  • James W. Shufelt, Brigadier General, President of Snack Food Assoc.

  • George C. Creel, Executive VP & Acting COO, BG&E


  • Ransom E. Barber, Brigadier General, TRW Executive


  • Dr. Howard R. Unger, Major General, USAF, Residency in Public Health 


  • J. Albert M. Lettre, Brigadier General (MDDF), MAT


  • Frank T. Barranco, Brigadier General (MDDF), Chief Surgeon, MD Emergency Action Center


  • Dr. Fredric F. Doppelt,  Major General, USAF, School of Public Health
  • August von Born Millard, Jr., Captain, USN, DMS


  • Charles E. Aronhalt, Jr, 1LT, Valor, DOW in Vietnam


  • Richard B. Kaufmann, Colonel, Distinguished Aviator in Vietnam

  • Clarence D. Long, III, 1LT, Valor in Vietnam


  • Dr. Thomas D. Gensler, Brigadier General, USAF, SPH
  • Clifford L. Stanley, Major General, USMC, University of Pennsylvania Executive Vice President


  • Dr. Lester Martinez-Lopez, Major General, MD, MPH

  • Eric T. Olson, Major General, MS


  • M.B. Hall Worthington, Brigadier General, MDDF,MA


  • James M. Dubik, Major General, MA


  • John J. Grossenbacher, Vice Admiral, USN, SAIS


  • Lansford E. Trapp, Jr., Lieutenant General, USAF, SAIS


  • Ronald C. Marcotte, Lieutenant General, USAF, SAIS


  • Arthur F. "Chip" Diehl, III, Brigadier General, USAF, SAIS


*Unknown grade. **Active Duty.

DMS - Distinguished Military Service; DOW - Died of Wounds; EICF - Eminence in Chosen Field of Endeavor; MDDF - Maryland Defense Force