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The challenges faced at Texas A&M better prepares cadets to be Army officers.

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The challenges faced at Texas A&M better prepares cadets to be Army officers.

The primary objective of the Army Officer Education Program at Texas A&M is to commission the future officer leadership of the United States Army. Intermediate objectives are to provide Cadets with an understanding of the fundamentals of responsibility, integrity, and self-discipline, as well as an appreciation of the citizen's role in national defense. The application of the decision-making process to a variety of situations is given major emphasis as a valuable aid in developing leadership potential.

These objectives are achieved through a program normally covering four years.A two-year program is available for those who qualify. The program includes specific courses in military science, more general academic subjects that assure a well-rounded education, practical training in leadership through participation in the Corps of Cadets (including attendance at one four-week summer camp at an Army installation), and the opportunity to participate in a number of extracurricular activities.

The combination prepares the Cadet for commissioning and effective performance in the many branches of the Army. The Cadet's academic major, academic performance, leadership ability, personal desires, and the needs of the Army determine the branch of the Army in which the Cadet is commissioned upon graduation.

Army ROTC provides individuals with skills, experiences, and opportunities to develop their leadership skills. During classes and field training, you will learn first-hand what it takes to lead others, motivate groups, and how to conduct missions as an Officer in the Army. Upon graduation from Army ROTC, you will earn the bar of a Second Lieutenant and become a leader for life.

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