Tennessee Technological University


Senior Division Army ROTC was established at Tennessee Technological University in September 1950.  Originally, the ROTC Program was branch material, Signal Corps.  During the School Year 1954-1955, conversion to a General Military Science program was initiated.  The conversion was completed in School Year 1956-57.  Prior to School Year 1956-57, participation in the Basic Course ROTC was on a voluntary basis. Beginning with the Fall Quarter 1956, all physically qualified male students meeting ROTC requirements had to successfully complete two years of Military Science (Basic Course) as a condition to graduation, unless credit was granted for previous military science training or active military service.  Beginning with Fall Quarter 1971 only non-exempt freshmen male students were required to take Military Science during their freshman year.  Beginning with the Fall-Quarter 1972, ROTC at Tennessee Tech again became voluntary.  Females were allowed to enroll in Military Science at Tennessee Tech for the first time beginning with the Fall Quarter 1973.  The first class of eleven officers was commissioned in July 1951.  Since that time over 1500 officers have received Army commissions.

In October 2000, during Homecoming activities and the 50th Golden Anniversary ofTTU Army ROTC, the ROTC Department offices and classrooms were dedicated as the Stiner Leadership Center.  General Carl W. Stiner (USA, Retired) graduated from TTU in 1958 and rose to our nation’s highest rank as a four star General.  For more than 35 years, General Stiner proudly served his country with honor and distinction.  During his illustrious military career, he sought the tough assignments and commanded the military’s most elite forces, both in peacetime and war; Vietnam, Panama (Just Cause), and Southwest Asia (Desert Storm).  General Stiner epitomizes leadership in every aspect and represents what we strive to attain in our future leadership -Duty,Honor, Country.