Tennessee Technological University


General Carl W. Stiner, US Army (Retired) - Commissioned 1958

Lieutenant General Don Rodgers, US Army (Retired) - Commissioned 1957

Lieutenant General Bruce R. Harris, US Army (Retired) - Commissioned 1956

Major General Richard Davis, US Army (Retired) - Commissioned 1962

Major General Bob L. Robinson, US Army (Retired) - Commissioned 1955

Rear Admiral Vinson E. Smith, US Navy - Commissioned 1974

BG Edward F. Dorman, III


The Tennessee Technological University’s U.S. Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps HALL OF FAME was established during School Year 1987-1988.  The primary purpose of the ROTC Hall of Fame is to recognize Tennessee Tech ROTC commissionees who have distinguished themselves by action, deed or through personal achievements that reflect upon the greatness of this University through their contribution to our society and Tennessee Tech.

Any graduate of the TTU ROTC Program may nominate a fellow graduate for induction.  The nominator must give a short statement concerning nominee’s background they feel warrants induction.  The ROTC faculty and staff members review the nomination and make the final decision on induction.  The person selected for induction must be present at the induction ceremony.  An appropriate ceremony is usually held during Tennessee Tech’s Homecoming activities.  The ROTC Department attempts to hold an induction ceremony on a bi-annual basis, contingent upon available resources from the ROTC Department.  A nomination form is available upon request from the TTU ROTC Department.

Inauguration ceremonies inducting MG Bob L. Robinson, class of 1955, into the Hall of Fame were conducted on 7 May 1988.  Other inductees are:


Bruce R. Harris (’56)            Oct 1988
Carl W. Stiner (’58)              Oct 1988
Robert W. Fidler (’66)          Oct 1989
Ron C. Marston (’64)           Oct 1989
James K. Morton (’66)         Oct 1990
J. Thomas Wall (’55)           Oct 1990
John T. Mason, III (’60)       Oct 1991
Steven J. Petersen ('66)     Oct 2000
T. Don Rodgers (’57)          Oct 2000
Richard E. Davis ('62)         Oct 2001
Kenneth W Hunter Sr ('75) Oct 2001
John S. Williams ('59)         Oct 2001
Buddy L. Reynolds ('59)     Oct 2002
Sonny D. Reynolds ('59)    Oct 2002
Vinson E. Smith (‘74)          Nov 2003
William E. Kumpe (‘78)       Nov 2003
Steven W. Swann (‘79)       Nov 2003
Peggy W. Rittenberry (Honorary Inductee) May 2006
Thomas (Gary) Ensminger ('82)  Oct 2008
Wayne H. Morris Sr. ('66)  Oct 2009
Edgar (Ed) R. McCoin ('69)  Jan 2012
Billy W. Maynard (Honorary Inductee)  Jan 2012
Danny C. Cox ('67)  Nov 2013