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Cadets Lei Sam and Saint proudly display the American flag before the Red Storm Battalion participates in the Tunnels To Towers 5k Run in New York City.

Cadets Display Their Pride

Cadets Lei Sam and Saint proudly display the American flag before the Red Storm Battalion participates in the Tunnels To Towers 5k Run in New York City.

CDT Tyshay McPhatter, Class of 2019

Tyshay McPhatter is a graduate student with the Red Storm Battalion. He will be graduating with his masters degree in Homeland Security in May of 2019. His hometown is the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. CDT McPhatter completed military police OSUT and joined the U.S. Army Reserves while also enrolling in St. John’s University in order to complete his graduate degree while still serving the nation. CDT McPhatter is still currently drilling with his unit as a Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) cadet, which allows him to shadow a platoon leader and gain insight as to how Officers conduct their duties while also learning from the cadre at SJU.

CDT McPhatter said that he learned he wanted to be an Officer during basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. He met a cadet that was training with the unit who told him about the benefits and responsibility of being an Officer which inspired CDT McPhatter to enroll in ROTC upon beginning his graduate degree program as he loves the challenge being an Officer will bring. When asked about how he manages drilling with a military police unit, a full-time job, and graduate courses, his answer was simple: "Time management. I keep reminders on my electronic devices, but it also comes down to the motivation. Wanting success more than I want anything else keeps me motivated". This combination of motivation and time management keeps CDT McPhatter on task. CDT McPhatter thoroughly enjoys ROTC, and says his favorite moment in the program is getting ready to go to PT and perform above the physical standard.

CDT McPhatter hopes to branch as a military intelligence Officer in the U.S. Army Reserves, and his goal within the Army is to become a General someday.

CDT Isaac Reid, Class of 2020

CDT Reid was initially enlisted as a Patriot Fire Control Enhanced Operator (14E) and made the rank of Sergeant before utilizing the Green to Gold program which allows active duty Soldiers to join ROTC with the guarantee of joining the active duty component as a 2nd Lieutenant upon commissioning. CDT Reid wanted to transition from enlisted to Officer because he wanted to expand his scope of influence and leadership from an NCO to an Officer, and because he also wanted to have decisive authority and responsibility.

When asked about the transition from active duty to ROTC, CDT Reid said that there is “a lot of adjusting and slowing down, as the active duty life is fast-paced”. Working with experienced cadre while simultaneously working with cadets with no prior experience has been one of the major changes he has dealt with. Being able to utilize the Green to Gold program has made the chance of becoming an Officer attainable for CDT Reid, and has helped him immensely in his pursuits. CDT Reid’s favorite ROTC memories are those involving seeing the younger cadets learn and develop into leaders, as they often started off with limited knowledge but end up learning about the Army profession and enjoying it.

CDT Reid hopes to branch field artillery in the active duty component. His goal within the Army is to attain his masters degree, make the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and make positive changes to the U.S. Army. In his free time, CDT Reid enjoys playing football and spending time with his wife and son.

CDT Emani Jones, Class of 2020

Emani Jones is a sophomore cadet and business management major from Upper Marlboro, MD. She will be graduating with her class in May of 2020. CDT Jones joined ROTC to take advantage of the leadership training opportunities and to secure a career option for the future. She enjoys the challenge that ROTC offers her, and is excited for her future as an Army Officer. ROTC has impacted her in many positive ways both within and outside of college. ROTC has allowed CDT Jones to come out of her shell and help her become more social, caring, and understanding with others. It has also helped her family as she no longer has the financial burdens of loans thanks to the Army ROTC scholarships that pay for tuition and housing.

CDT Jones’ greatest motivation for joining ROTC comes from her father, who worked hard to support the family while also dealing with his an illness for 20 years. CDT Jones wanted to take the financial burden off of her family while also emulating her father’s toughness and spirit to become a successful cadet and eventually a successful Officer. Her time in ROTC has been positive, and she stated that her favorite memory was the 2017 JFTX at Fort Indiantown Gap, PA. The freezing rain and poor conditions that cadets experienced for 12 hours the first day had made the second day extremely enjoyable as the weather had cleared up, which turned the experience into a enjoyable one for CDT Jones.

CDT Jones hopes to branch as a military intelligence Officer in the active duty component, and her goals include reaching the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and making her family her main priority after retiring from the Army.

CDT Conor Lynch, Class of 2021

Conor Lynch is a freshman cadet and homeland security major from Glencove, NY. He will be graduating May of 2021. CDT Lynch joined ROTC because he knew he always wanted to join the military, but also realized he wanted to get his education before that so he could become an Officer. He felt that being an Officer would be a better way to utilize his education and wanted to conquer the challenges he would face in that position. CDT Lynch felt that being a new student and being in ROTC was a great combination as ROTC gave him structure in both his schedule and his own personal life which allowed him to do better in school.

in his hometown after joining an EMS group and becoming inspired to become a first responder. CDT Lynch currently works for a different EMT department but still loves helping others and saving lives. CDT Lynch is also an Eagle Scout and works for the Boy Scouts of America in order to help and mentor younger Scouts. In his free time, CDT Lynch enjoys playing guitar and the bagpipes.

CDT Lynch is still deciding on his branch and component of choice, but is between military police and military intelligence, and between active duty and Army Reserves. He knows that after the Army he will pursue a career in law enforcement to further his public service interest.

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