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Tiger Battalion cadets pose during last year’s winter ball

Tiger Battalion Winter Ball

Tiger Battalion cadets pose during last year’s winter ball

“ I love the feeling of community and that it is making me a better, stronger, more confident and capable person. ”

Frank Pekarski, Windsor, CT


The Ranger Challenge is an opportunity for schools to "compete" with each other completing military tasks. In addition to a written examination where Cadets test their Army knowledge, there are physical fitness drills and field exercises. Battalions leave a Ranger Challenge with stronger bonds and sharper skills.


The National Society of Pershing Rifles gives Army ROTC Cadets the opportunity to develop to the highest degree possible. Cadets can take part in precision trick rifle drill teams that provide them with the outstanding traits of leadership, military bearing and discipline.

Winter Ball

Every year cadets look forward to a training event that hardly seems like training at all: the annual winter ball. Cadets plan and organize the entire event. Here they get an opportunity to “let their hair down” and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship with their classmates.


Each spring several Tiger Battalion cadets are commissioned into the United States Army during a ceremony held on campus. Families, friends, the University President and other distinguished guests take part in the commissioning. It is a time-honored event that marks the culmination of the ROTC experience for the new Lieutenants. 

Ranger Challenge

Ranger Challenge is a highly demanding physical activity. It is basically the ROTC varsity sport. The season is from late August through October. The culmination is a competition focusing on basic military skills in which the Tiger Battalion team competes against all the other teams in the Region. Cadets must compete for a spot on the team as space is very limited. The varsity sport of Army ROTC, our Ranger Challenge team continuously places high amongst our region's competitive schools. Our team has won the competition for three years running (2003-2005). Ranger Challenge is an athletic, team–oriented activity testing physical fitness, technical knowledge, weapons proficiency, and leadership.