Providence College

Professor of Military Science

Kevin R. Kugel, LTC, M.S., Department Chair, MSIV Instructor

Assistant Professor

Michael P. Moricas, MAJ (P), B.S., Executive Officer


Patrick J. Motto, CPT (P), B.A., Scholarship and Enrollment Officer, MS I Instructor

John Hamilton, MSG, B.A., Senior Military Instructor, MSIII Instructor

Mr. Gary Fortunato, SGM (Ret), B.A., Operations NCO, MSII Instructor

Quentin L. Willard, CPT, B.S., Logistics Officer, MS I Instructor


Lorraine Ciorlano, Senior Administrative Assistant

Kristine Dreher, Human Resources Technician

Sidney Speaks, Supply Technician

Mr. Daniel J. Girouard, B.S., Enrollment Officer, Basic Course Assistant Instructor

Mr. Matthew A. Higgins, B.A., Operations Officer, Advanced Course Assistant Instructor