Pennsylvania State University

Leadership isn’t a catchphrase that we throw around… We teach it.  Itis the most sought after value and trait Fortune 500 companies are seeking inyoung, upcoming employees, not just in the United States Military.  We provide decision making and time management skills that are critical in today’sworld, and reinforce that training with rigorous, challenging training opportunities.  And if you’re into real-world adventure training, how about being selected from your class to attend Airborne School at Fort Bragg,or Air Assault School at Fort Campbell?  These are just some of theadditional benefits you can receive as a Cadet – not just a class – but thebest college course you can take!

Battalion History

The Nittany Lion Battalion was established over 85 years ago at UniversityPark.  It has a long and distinguished history… find out more here.

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