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Captain Gyekis instructs a cadet in proper weapons safety techniques for the M16A2 rifle.

Faculty Instruction

Captain Gyekis instructs a cadet in proper weapons safety techniques for the M16A2 rifle.

LTC Gillian S. Boice

Professor of Military Science

As a Military Police officer, Lieutenant Colonel Gillian Boice serves as thePacific Lutheran University ROTC professor of military science.

MSG Lee C. Baleme

Senior Military Science Instructor

As an Infantry Senior Sergeant, Master Sergeant Lee Baleme serves as the PLUROTC Battalion Senior Military Science Instructor and NCOIC.

CPT Andrew D. Ecklund

Enrollment and Scholarship Officer

As a Signal Corps officer, CPT Andy Ecklund serves as the PLU ROTC LuteBattalion's enrollment and scholarship officer.

CPT Raed D. Gyekis

Assistant Professor of Military Science. MSIII Instructor, Operations and Training Officer.

As a Scout Pilot. Captain Raed Gyekis serves as a third-year MilitaryScience instructor, and serves as a PLU ROTC Battalion Assistant Professor ofMilitary Science.

SFC Glenn Darr

Assistant MSIII Instructor. Operations and Training NCO.

As a US Army Ranger, Sergeant First Class Glenn Darr as an MSIII instructor,and as the training and operations NCO

MAJ Terry O'Rourke

Assistant Professor of Military Science. MSI and MSII Instructor.

As a US Army (Retired) Artillery officer, Major Terry O'Rourke serves thePLU ROTC Lute Battalion as the first and second-year Military Scienceinstructor

Mrs. Shannon Calhoun

PLU Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Shannon Calhoun contributes greatly to the PLU ROTC program as the PLUAdmistrative Assistant

Mrs. Vickie Vital

Supply/Logistics Technician

Mrs. Vickie Vital serves as the Logistics and Supply Operations Technicianfor the PLU Lute Battalion

Mr. Bob Rahal

Human Resource and Adminstrative Assistant

Mr. Bob Rahal, a retired senior noncommissioned officer, serves the PLU LuteBattalion as the Human Resource and Administrative Technician

Gold Bar Recruiter (Vacant)

2LT Gold Bar Recruiter

2LT Aaron Hartwig, a newly commissioned Infantry officer and product of PLUArmy ROTC, serves as the Gold Bar Recruiter