Ohio University
Cadets participate in many events on and off campus to include Homecoming and Sports events.

Cadets prepare to march in Homecoming

Cadets participate in many events on and off campus to include Homecoming and Sports events.

“ As a cadet I have had the opportunity to participate in many activities not available to most college students. I have competed on the Ranger Challenge Team and flown in helicopters. The program has also given me many chances to train as a leader so that once I graduate, I will be confident in my ability to lead soldiers or civilians. ”

Eric R. , Jackson, OH


The Ranger Challenge is an opportunity for schools to "compete" with each other completing military tasks. In addition to a written examination where Cadets test their Army knowledge, there are physical fitness drills and field exercises. Battalions leave a Ranger Challenge with stronger bonds and sharper skills.


The National Society of Pershing Rifles gives Army ROTC Cadets the opportunity to develop to the highest degree possible. Cadets can take part in precision trick rifle drill teams that provide them with the outstanding traits of leadership, military bearing and discipline.

Fall Field Training Exercise (FTX)

Cadets attend a three day FTX during thefall quarter usually at another location.  The last couple of years theBobcat Battalion flew to Camp Dawson, WV.  The cadets participated in theobstacle course, weapons familiarization, squad competitions, living in thebarracks, and eating Army food.

Ranger Challenge Competition, Fort Knox, KY

Ranger Challenge is the ultimate test ofa cadet’ s physical and mental capability.  The 10 person cadet teams trainfor a little over a month prior to attending the competition at Fort Knox,KY.  On competition day, the cadets wake about 0300 (3 AM) to take theArmy Physical Fitness Test (APFT).  After a quick trip back to thebarracks, the cadets begin a round robin of the events.  The eventsinclude patrolling, one rope bridge, weapons assembly / disassembly, weaponsqualification, the hand grenade assault course, and land navigation.  Thecompetition ends with a 10K (6.2 mile) ruck march.

Senior Branching Ceremony

The United States Army classifies theirbranch of service by the use of branch insignia.  The branch insignia is adistinctive devise of metal and enamel worn on each officer’ s uniform.  The branch insignia has evolved into a logical symbol that represents theduties and responsibilities of the particular branch.  The insignia isdesigned to develop esprit de corps and morale within each branch.  OhioUniversity marks this special occasion with a special ceremony for theseniors.

Gettysburg Battle Staff Ride

Every senior cadet is required tocomplete a Battle Staff Ride or a report on a battle.  The BobcatBattalion believes the cadet can obtain more information and insight if theyare on the battlefield.  The purpose of this event is not to become atour.  Each cadet is given a significant person or event in the battle andmust become that person in their explanation.  They need to know whyactions were or were not taken and tie it into their success or failure duringthe battle.  The last two years the battalion explored two different sitesat Gettysburg.

Spring Field Training Exercise (FTX)

After their junior year, cadets attendthe Leadership Development Assessment Course at Fort Lewis, WA.  Half ofyour assessment comes from Small Unit Tactics.  The Spring FTX is designedto bring everything you have learned together in a three day field assessmentof your leadership.  Some of the highlights include leading a patrol andconducting raids.

Military Ball

The final major event of the year is theMilitary Ball at the Baker Center.  The cadets put on their Class Auniforms and attend this formal dinner and awards ceremony.  The seniorcadets receive the full Saber Arch when they are introduced.  Families areinvented and encouraged to attend.  This is a way for the Senior Cadets toget together one more time prior to commissioning.


Three times a year, several cadets arecommissioned into the United States Army during ceremonies held oncampus.  Families, friends, and many distinguished guests take part inwatching the new Second Lieutenants take their Oath of Office, pin the goldbars on their uniform, and receive their first salute from a Non CommissionedOfficer of their choice.