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NSU has produced over 1000 commissioned officers and many distinguished alumni.

NSU Cadets Raise the Colors

NSU has produced over 1000 commissioned officers and many distinguished alumni.

History of the ROTC Program & Regiment

In the Fall of 1950, Northwestern State College (NSC) President Prather and the Department of the Army (DA) established the NSC Senior Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) at NSU.  ROTC enrolled its first students in 1951 and by the end of the academic year 220 men elected to participate in military training.  The Program produced its first commissioned officers in 1951.  In 1965, NSC President Kyser signed and agreement with DA stating that NSC would provide the ROTC Military Science Department with a secretary, and armory, and utilities.

In 2007, the Northwestern State Demon Regiment (NDR) was officially recognized by President Randall J. Webb. Composed of the Army ROTC Program and its alumni, the NDR is organized like an Army Regiment.  Its first Professor of Military Science (PMS), LTC James W. Bowman is regarded as the First Colonel of the Regiment.

The Commissioning Class of 1951 constitutes the First Battalion of the Regiment and the Class of 2010 is the Sixtieth Demon Battalion.  Since its inception, the Demon Regiment has commissioned nearly 1,000 Second Lieutenants into the United State Army.  Eight have achieved the rank of General Officer and five have been inducted into NSU’s Long Purple Line.

The Demon Regiment is led by LTC Kevin M. McAllister, the current PMS, who holds the honor of serving as the 20th Colonel of the Regiment.  The alumni of the Regiment support our current cadets under the leadership of the Honorary Colonel of the Regiment, LTG (R) Joseph M. Cosumano, Jr. and his Chief of Staff, LTC (R) Truman Maynard.

In addition to the training today’s cadets receive from their Military Science instructors, they are selected to attend specialty schools such as airborne, mountain warfare and air assault.  Additional training opportunities include, the Black Knight Drill Team, Field Training Exercises, Professional Development Seminars, Community Service Projects, and University Support Operations.

The mission of the Demon Regiment is to enhance the ability of the NSU ROTC program to recruit, train, and commission high caliber Northwestern State Military Science students as future officer leaders of the U.S. Army.  The Regiment’s Support affords each cadet and commissioned officer the opportunity to repeatedly add his or her legacy to the exciting NDR heritage.

The Northwestern State Demon Regiment
‘Sixty Years of producing future officer leaders of the United States Army’