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MS IV cadets at NMU participate in the annual staff ride to Mackinac Island. While on the staff ride the students conduct a battle analysis of the battle that took place at Fort Mackinac.

Staff Ride

MS IV cadets at NMU participate in the annual staff ride to Mackinac Island. While on the staff ride the students conduct a battle analysis of the battle that took place at Fort Mackinac.

The Northern Michigan University  Military Science Department offers a minor in military science and trains and commissions the future leadership ofthe U.S. Army and the nation. The department’s courses teach leadership skills that are highly sought by both the public sector and private industry.

Students who enroll in military science classes incur no military obligation nor commit themselves to continue taking military science courses (unless they commit to earning a Presidential Commission as a U.S. Army Officer in theActive Army, Army Reserves, or Army National Guard). Students may add, drop, orwithdraw from military science courses as in any other academic program.

This school offers the following additional incentives to students taking Army ROTC:
Northern Michigan University offers up to 8 Room and Board Grants each academic year. These grants, a projected $9220 value, are available to both National and Campus-Based Scholarship winners. Grant awards will be based upon the date of scholarship award. To retain the grant each academic year, awardees must reside in one of nine traditional university residence halls, standard double occupancy, and meet NMU&aposs Satisfactory Academic Progress policy and satisfactory ROTC program progress. Room and Board Grants may be retained for a maximum of 8 semesters. Room and board grants may not be used concurrently with other NMU funded scholarships and grants. NMU&aposs Financial Aid Office will assist Cadets in managing scholarships and grants to the cadet&aposs best advantage.

Room and board grants include NMU&aposs Constant Meal Plan for all NMU dining facilities including the Market Place and Wildcat Den. The plan also includes NMU Dining Dollars, approximately $150 per semester, for use at campus eateries including Fieras, Cat Trax, the Marketplace, Wildcat Den, Starbucks, Café Libri, Smoothie King, Temaki & Tea, and Melted. The plan also includes one “Late-Night Swipe” at the Marketplace, Sunday through Wednesday, and eight single use guest passes for friends and family.

U.S. Army Green to Gold Scholarship winners, who are not eligible for U.S. Army housing or subsistence allowances, are eligible for room and board grants. All Green to Gold Cadets, to include both Scholarship and Active Duty Option, are eligible for additional NMU ROTC incentives.

U.S. Army Reserve and Michigan National Guard members, enrolled as ROTC Cadets, are eligible for additional NMU ROTC Incentives. All first time freshman and transfer students, to include non-scholarship ROTC Cadets, are eligible for Northern Michigan University&aposs Excellence, Honors and Success Awards upon admission. These awards are based upon a sliding scale considering both GPA and ACT/SAT scores. For more information on current requirements and award amounts, visit Northern Michigan University&aposs Financial Aid website. Students who qualify for this NMU incentive, and who continue to properly apply themselves academically, can be excellent applicants for ROTC Campus-based Scholarships.

All enrolled ROTC Cadets, scholarship and non-scholarship, are eligible to participate in NMU&aposs Teaching, Learning, and Communicating (TLC) Initiative. The TLC initiative includes being provided a computing device (e.g. laptop, tablet) and applicable software. Technical support for TLC devices and software is provided by the NMU Help Desk. This initiative also affords e-mail, network, and high-speed internet access to include both NMU&aposs campus blanketing Wi-Fi network and nationally recognized Wi-Max network with coverage throughout the City of Marquette. Continuing students who pre-register for the following fall semester will be able to use the mobile device through the summer at no additional charge.
Please contact the Northern Michigan University at the number above for more information about this program.

Battalion History

In 1948, the State Board of Education authorized the four teachers’ colleges to request and install Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) on campus. Northern did not begin a program at this time as its application was not accepted.  After 1952, the Department of the Army was instructed not to add anymore ROTC units.  In 1965, President Edgar Harden expressed Northern’s continued interest in being considered if the ROTC Program was to be expanded.  However, it was not until 1967 that Northern was invited to file a formal application for a senior ROTC unit. During the summer of 1967,various meetings were held with ROTC officers and University administrators.  In November 1968, Northern was notified that its application had been accepted and meetings were held to discuss the implementation of this program.  The ROTC program became known as the Department of Military Science.

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