North Dakota State University

A Short History of North Dakota State University

The North Dakota Agricultural College owed their existence to the provisions of the act of the land-grant act Congress, approved July 2, 1862. Whereby grants of public lands were made to each of the states and territories for the purpose of endowing in each at least one college whose leading object shall be, without excluding other classical and scientific studies, and including military tactics - to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts, in order to promote the liberal education of the industrial classes and professions of life. ROTC has been a long standing part of university life at North Dakota State University. In 1897 Lieutenant French of the U.S. Army was detailed as the first military instructor.  Arms and equipment were obtained from the War Department.  Back in those day ROTC was a required 2 yr course all men took who were attending the University. Unofficially, the students had been referring to the school as “North Dakota State College” since the early In November of 1958, a name change to North Dakota State University was placed on the state-wide ballot and lost by a narrow margin.  Not to be deterred, a 15-member committee formed statewide that worked toward the placement of an amendment on the November 1960 ballot.   On November 8th of 1960 the name change was approved 2-1 vote. This effort was in no large part due to the phenomenal effort of NDAC staff, faculty, students and alumni.   On December 8, 1960, North Dakota Agricultural College officially became North Dakota State University