Morgan State University

History of ROTC at Morgan State University

Reserve Officers' Training Corps was established at Morgan State College in 1948. It is one of four Senior Army ROTC programs in the State of Maryland. Originally designated as a branch oriented program (Infantry), the curriculum was redesigned General Military Science in 1954. Full academic credit is awarded for satisfactory completion of each phase of Military Science; MS Ithrough MS IV. Departmental credit may be used to fulfill overall academic requirements for graduation in all disciplines.

During the school year 1972-73, the US Army for the first time authorized enrollment of women in ROTC. Five institutions were selected for a pilot program. Morgan State was not among the five institutions selected, but in the 1973-74 school year the program was opened to women here and four young women enrolled in Military Science. Academic year 1979-80 witnessed the installation of the first female as the Cadet Corps Battalion Commander.

Since the first ROTC graduation class in 1950 through the class of 1997,Morgan State University has produced in excess of 1,200 Second Lieutenants.