Missouri State University

Cadet Andrew Rossow

MSIV/Battalion Commander

<p>Cadet Rossow is a Graduate student at Missouri State University. He hasproven to be an outstanding leader and integral member of the Ranger Challengeteam.</p>

Cadet Christopher Bradley

MSIV/Executive Officer

<p>Cadet Bradley is also a Graduate student at Missouri State University. Hehas provided pivotal leadership and maturity in the battalion and also competeswith the Ranger Challenge team.</p>

Cadet Jeremy Mitchell

MSIV/Battalion Sergeant Major

<p>Cadet Mitchell led the Ranger Challenge team in 2005-2006. He has provenhimself to be a true scholar, athlete, and leader.</p>

Cadet Aaron Doutt

MSIV/Battalion S-3

<p>Cadet Doutt has enriched the Bear Battalion with his prior military serviceknowledge. He added a strong presence to the Ranger Challenge team and led agroup of Cadets through the Bataan Death March last year.</p>

Cadet Nathan Platz

MSIV/Battalion S-1

<p>Cadet Platz has been in the ROTC program during his entire college career.In addition to his academic and ROTC endeavors, he was Goalkeeper for theMissouri State University Soccer team, starting his last two years.</p>

Cadet Wesley Gideon

MSIV/Battalion S-2

<p>Cadet Gideon attends one of our outstanding partnership schools- EvangelUniversity. The Bear Battalion has benefited greatly from his solidperformance.</p>

Cadet Aaron Hiatt

MSIV/Battalion S-4

<p>Cadet Hiatt, like many of his peers, has been a member of the RangerChallenge team. He has consistently shown himself to be one of the mostphysically fit Cadets in the program.</p>

Cadet Jason Hunter

MSIV/Assistant Battalion S-3

<p>Cadet Hunter has been a solid addition to the Bear Battalion. When he is notoccupied with academic and ROTC pursuits, he is an exceptional bowler in hisspare time.</p>

Cadet Cody Anfinson

MSIV/Company Commander

<p>Cadet Anfinson participated as a member of the Ranger Challenge team and hasaspirations of becoming a helicopter pilot with the Army National Guard.</p>