Missouri S&T

<p>The department of Military Science and Tactics was established at the Missouri School of Mines in January 1919, and an Engineer Unit of the Reserve Officer Training Corps was organized. This unit replaced the Student Army Training Corps detachment, which existed briefly in 1918. In the beginning, training was compulsory for all physically qualified men in the freshman and sophomore classes. Participation in the first two years remained mandatory until 1964. In 1964, the Missouri S&T AROTC program was changed from an Engineer unit to a General Military Science Program. Cadets who completed the program were able to request any branch of the Army when commissioned. At this time, the mandatory training requirement was dropped, and Military Science became an elective for freshman and sophomore men. In 1973, the program was opened to women, and in 1976, Missouri S&T commissioned its first female lieutenant. The Army ROTC program and the Department of Military Science are an integral part of the campus. For over 78 years the relationship between the Missouri University of Science and Technology and the US Army has benefited both institutions. Graduates of the Missouri S&T AROTC program are recognized in both the Army and the civilian sector for excellence of professional and military training. Over 2,450 officers have been commissioned in the Regular Army and the US Army Reserve since the first lieutenant pinned on his bars in 1919. Nine officers who earned their commissions through Army ROTC at MSM/UMR/Missouri S&T have achieved the rank of general officer.</p>