Minnesota State University Mankato

Training to Lead

The Maverick Battalion Cadets continue to shine at LDAC, which is a direct reflection of the leadership and training conducted at MSU. Out of the 16 Cadets sent over the 2009 summer, four finished in the top five in their platoon and three were awarded the coveted Recondo Badge. MSU’s Cadets ranked above the Cadet Command average in every graded event and obtained a 100% graduation rate. The MSU ROTC program is small enough to be hands-on and personal, but large enough in scope so that Cadets receive quality training and a great university experience.

Battalion History

Minnesota State University, Mankato’ ROTC program has been active since 1980, come and be a part of one the best colleges and ROTC programs in the country.

Faculty and Staff

Cadet Profiles

Alumni Profiles