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Cadets finalize plans for an assault during the Tri-service Wargames

Planning the Assault

Cadets finalize plans for an assault during the Tri-service Wargames

CDT Trama

Battalion Commander

As the Commanding Officer, CDT Trama Leads the Battalion

CDT Hsu, J

Executive officer

Leads Cadet Staff sections and assists the commander in all operations

CDT Sarvis


As Command Sergeant Major, CDT Sarvis serves as the senior enlisted adviser to the Commander. She enforces the Army and Battalion standards

CDT Theresa Piasta

S-1 Personnel

Manages and maintains accountability of the Battalion’s Cadets.

CDT James Dowell

S-3 Training

Serves as the primary battalion Training Officer. He is responsible for the development, resourcing, and execution of all training.

CDT Ryan Walsh

S-3 Training

Serves as the secondary training officer, assisting the primary S-3 as necessary.

CDT Matt Smith

S-4 Supply and Logistics

Is responsible for the issuing and maintainance of battalion equipment

CDT Caroline Kennedy

S-5/SPO Recruiting & Public Affairs/Special Projects

Serves as the public relations liaison between the battalion and all other agencies. She also serves as the primary Special Projects Officer for the Battalion.

CDT Courtney Wilson

SPO Special Projects

Serves as a secondary battalion Special Projects Officer, assisting the primary SPO as needed.

CDT Matthew Plumb

SPO Sports Comp, PT

Is responsible for developing battalion Physical Training (PT) plan. He also implements a remedial PT program for the battalion