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The cadre spend their time mentoring, teaching, and motivating the cadets. The Professor of Military Science and Military Science Chairman, Lieutenant Colonel Snyman, is giving cadets a brief lesson in order to enhance their professional development.

Leadership Laboratory

The cadre spend their time mentoring, teaching, and motivating the cadets. The Professor of Military Science and Military Science Chairman, Lieutenant Colonel Snyman, is giving cadets a brief lesson in order to enhance their professional development.

Lieutenant Colonel Eugene Snyman

Professor of Military Science and MS IV advisor

Active Duty Enlisted service 1980-1984 as Combat Medic and X-Ray Technicianat the US Army Health Clinic, The Pentagon.

Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant 1989, Army Corps of Engineers inKansas Army National Guard

Bachelors Degree, English, from University of Kansas 1990.

Reentered active duty, assigned to the 1st Infantry Division,Fort Riley KS 1990

Participated in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm as an Engineerplatoon leader 1990-1991.  Promoted to 1st Lieutenant.

Reassigned to 5th Corps, 130th Engineer Brigade,Frankfurt/Heidelberg Germany, 1994-1995.  Promoted to Captain.

Commanded 535th Engineer Company in Grafenwer, Germany1995-1997.

Participated in Operation Joint Endeavor with NATO led Implementation Force1995-1996.

Reassigned to 5th US Army in San Antonio TX as Engineer StaffOfficer. 1997-1998

Reassigned to Center Michigan University as Assistant Professor of MilitaryScience. 1998-1999. Promoted to Major

Reassigned to US Army Command and General Staff College, earned a Masters ofMilitary Art and Science, 1999-2000

Reassigned to Maneuver Support Center Battle Lab, Fort Leonard Wood, MO2000-2002

Reassigned to 5th Engineer Battalion (Mechanized), Fort LeonardWood, MO as Executive Officer.  Participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom,2003-2004

Reassigned to 35th Engineer Battalion, Fort Leonard Wood, MO2004-2005

Reassigned to Illinois State University as the Professor of MilitaryScience, 2005-

Currently at 19 ½ years of Active Federal Service.

Married to Kathy J. (Graves) Aug 1983.  Married 22 years

Children: Michael (18), Angela (16), Daniel (12), Timothy (8), Teresa (6),John (4)

Captain Paul Freeland

Executive Officer

Major James Keith

Recruiting Officer

Commissioned January 11, 1990, from Officer Candidate School, Ft. Benning,GA.

I graduated from Illinois State University and later enlisted in the Army in1989 to earn enough money to attend graduate school.  I earned mycommission in 1990 from Officer Candidate School at Ft. Benning, GA, and beganan exhilarating Army experience that has pushed me to my physical, mental,emotional, and spiritual limits.  My original enlistment of four yearsturned into a 17-year love of serving my country, forming personal bondsstronger than I could ever imagine, and receiving the best leadership trainingavailable anywhere in the world.

My military experiences include serving as an Infantry officer in mechanizedand airborne infantry assignments.  I’ve led an infantry rifle platoonequipped with Bradley Fighting Vehicles, a scout platoon, and a company oflight infantryman.  I’ve also conducted security patrols with IraqiNational Guardsmen in Baghdad, Iraq.  I am currently a Battalion ExecutiveOfficer in the Illinois Army National Guard and serve as an Assistant Professorof Military Science at Illinois State University.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Illinois StateUniversity in 1986.  My degree definitely helped me better understand thepolitical and diplomatic aspects of global U.S. military deployments andinternational involvement.

Staff Sergeant Jeffrey Burton

MS II Advisor and Illinois National Guard Recruiter

I am a soldier in the Illinois Army National Guard (ILARNG).  I joinedwhen I was a junior in high school and have now accrued 10 years ofservice.  I joined initially for the college benefits and the ability toserve my country concurrently as I attended college.  I continue to servefor my wife and my soon to be born son.

My military experience began June 6th, 1995 as a Mortar Infantryman(11C) with Bravo Company, 2nd Battalions, 130th InfantryRegiment as an Ammo Bearer for our mortar platoon.  I became a Sergeant onthe 22 of February, 2001.  After September 11, I volunteered on AirportSecurity to protect our civilian aviation assets across Illinois.  BravoCO 2/130 IN was mobilized for Task Force Sante Fe on the 1st ofJanuary, 2002 where we patrolled and guarded U.S. military instillations acrossGermany.  Upon completion of our mission, I returned to ISU to attain aMasters Degree.  During this time I attained the Rank of Staff Sergeant onthe 20th of April 2004.  I was hired on Active Guard Dutystatus as a Recruiting and Retention NCO and assigned to Illinois StateUniversity as the Army National Guard Liaison for the University.  Duringmy career I have traveled to and trained with Italian, Ukrainian, Russian,German, and Bulgarian troops. 

I attended Illinois State University for both my Bachelors and MastersDegrees.  I graduated with my B.S. in Social Science Education on December15, 2001 and my M.S. in Education in College Student Personnel Education on May8, 2004. 

It is hard to describe in words the benefits and pride you receive by being amember of the Army National Guard.  It begins with that first “thank you”from a World War II veteran and continues with a child who looks at you withawe and wonderment.  In the ARMY it does not matter what race, gender,ethnicity, religion, or political background you affiliate with, we all wearsame the uniform.  It gives me great satisfaction to know that if my stateor country needs me, I can assist and protect.

Captain Todd Baughman

MS III Trainer

CPT Robert T. Baughman is the son of Bob and Colleen Baughman of Dieterich,Illinois. He is married to the former Susan Lustig of Dieterich Illinois, andthey have a three children, Brandi 15, Brock 12, and Brett 4.

CPT Baughman enlisted in the Army in 1987 as a Flight OperationsSpecialist.   From 1987 – 1994 CPT Baughman served in variouspositions while stationed in Germany with the 3rd Infantry Division andFort Eustis Va.  In 1995 CPT Baughman Enrolled in ROTC at Eastern IllinoisUniversity.  Upon graduation in 1997 he was commissioned a SecondLieutenant of Armor, and subsequently attended the Armor Officer Basic Courseat Fort Knox.

Following the Armor Officers Basic Course CPT Baughman was assigned to the1st Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Fort Carson,Colorado.  While assigned to the 3rd ACR, CPT Baughman served as aTank Platoon Leader with D CO, and a Scout Platoon Leader, and Troop ExecutiveOfficer with C Troop.  

Upon completion of the Armor Captains Career Course and Combined Arms ServiceStaff School, CPT Baughman was assigned to the 2nd Battalion 69th Armor,Fort Benning, Georgia as the BN S4.  He served as the BN S4 throughoutOperation Desert Spring and the majority of Operation Iraqi Freedom beforeassuming command of A Co 2-69 Armor on 25 April 03.  CPT BaughmanCommanded A Co until 18 May 04.

In June of 2004 CPT Baughman moved to Fort Knox, KY, activated and assumedcommand of Fox Troop, 5th Squadron, 15th Cavalry.  CPT Baughmanis currently assigned to the Redbird Battalion as an MSIII instructor.

Master Sergeant Charles Cannon

MS III Trainer

I come from a huge military family and knew at a very young age that I wouldone day become a Soldier.  The Army has helped change my life.  I metmy beautiful wife and lifetime companion in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  My kidswere born in Germany, where my family and I lived for over nine years.  Wehad the awesome opportunity to travel throughout Europe and Asia.  I havehad several unique experiences in my career.  The one that I am most fondof is seeing the faces of the people in Saudi Arabia when we liberated Kuwaitduring the first Gulf War.

My military resume includes several deployments to Southwest Asia, and overseasassignments to Germany.  I have served in positions including SquadLeader, Platoon Sergeant, and First Sergeant.  I am a graduate of theProfessional Leadership Development Course, Basic Noncommissioned Officer’sCourse, Advance Noncommissioned Officer’s Course, and the First Sergeant’sCourse.  I have also successfully completed the Instructor Training Courseand Small Group Instructor Training Course.  Most recently I’vesuccessfully completed Level I of the Army Modern Combative Course.

I have an Associate Degree in Business Management, a Bachelor’s degree in HumanResource Management, and I am currently working towards a Master’s degree inBusiness Administration.  The United States Army mostly paid for mycivilian education.  Soldiers who are willing to go the extra mile canaccomplish unbelievable things while serving their country.

I have experienced more by the age of 37 than most people experience in theirentire lives.  The United States Army has given me the opportunity todefend freedom, and also allowed my family and I to travel the world.  Ihave seen places other people can only dream about.  I am proud to be apart of the greatest army in the greatest nation in the world.

Shannon Cooley

Human Resources Assistant

I have been working for the Army since 1999.  I have always been a“civilian”.  My first position was in Ansbach, Germany with C Detachment,510th Personnel Service Battalion (PSB).  The 510thPSB served four different installations with a staff of less than 20 soldiersand five civilians.  I was charged with the Evaluation Section.  Myoffice rose to #1 in Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report (NCO-ER)processing accuracy during my time at 510th PSB.  In additionto the OER and NCO-ER mission, the minimum staffing and constant deploymentsfor our soldiers put me in the unique position to learn all aspects of theAdjutant General Corps.  Most of all, I learned that I love working withand supporting soldiers. 

I went on to Fort Rucker, Alabama, and began to work at the Adjutant General’sOffice following Germany.  Fort Rucker is the home of Army Aviation andthe only Warrant Officer Academy in the Army.  My position at Rucker wasto be the AG representative for the Warrant Officer Academy.  On behalf ofthe AG, I prepared the commissioning documents and provided briefings for aminimum of 140 Warrant Officers a month.  I was constantly on the move; Iloved every moment of my time serving the Adjutant General and commissioning the Army’s Warrant Officer’s. 

Ready for a move, I began to seek varying positions in the AG realm.  Iwas two weeks away from beginning a position with the Air Force when LTC Snymancalled with the opportunity to come work with the ISU ROTC program.  I wasthrilled at the chance to work with the future leaders of the Army and acceptedthe position in August 2005.  Yet again I can truly say, “Ilove my job!” and look forward to commissioning many of the Army’s Officers inthe years to come.

Michelle L. Jako

Supply Technician

I became a Department of Defense employee in 1985 as a temporary employee. Iworked in a warehouse driving forklifts and worked the 2nd shiftwith only one other woman. We did not receive any benefits and in a years timeI was laid-off from work twice. I persisted and was informed of a permanentposition, which would mean a $2.00 an hour pay cut. I took the gamble and wonbecause everyone else I had worked with did not have a government positionanymore. That was my start to a very interesting career. I have been through aBRAC base closure, transferred 100 miles from my home, worked with the MilitaryEntrance Processing Command and All the services, and finally decided to take apromotion and join the ISU ROTC program.  On a personal note, I am happilymarried and I have three step-children and one son.  I have an AssociatesDegree in Arts. After living in the South for most of my life Central Illinoishas an array of different plants, animals and the culture is very different.Working for the government can be a fulfilling, exciting, and rewarding life;it’s all in what you make it!

Robyn Woolsey

Staff Clerk

I have been employed at Illinois State University for eleven years.  Ihave been in the Military Science department for eight years.  I loveworking with the students and seeing them become officers in the Army becausemy two sons are enlisted in the Illinois National Guard and served fifteenmonths in Iraq.  Knowing we are putting out some of the best students tolead my sons in combat is important to me.