Illinois State University
In your senior year, you will be able to take on a Battalion staff position. The S-4 is responsible for all of the equipment that the Battalion owns and for equipping fellow cadets.

Battalion S-4

In your senior year, you will be able to take on a Battalion staff position. The S-4 is responsible for all of the equipment that the Battalion owns and for equipping fellow cadets.

Douglas David Bazil

Battalion Commander

Douglas came to ISU from Morton, IL.  He expects to commission inDecember 2006 and hopes to receive an assignment into the active duty ArmorCorps.  Cadet Bazil will receive his degree in TelecommunicationsManagement.  He completed LDAC, CTLT and is a participant in the SMPprogram between ROTC and the Army National Guard.  His close friendshipswith other cadets have been forged over the past four years of hard work andgood times.

Jason Bost

Executive Officer

Jason served four and a half years in the Air Force prior to joining theArmy National Guard in 2004.  In fall of 2004 Cadet Bost also beganattending Illinois State University and plans to commission in August2006.  He has received an assignment to the Ordnance Branch and will serveon active duty.  Jason comes from Pontiac, IL and plans to receive hisdegree in Criminal Justice.

Andrew Hansen Miller

S-1 Personnel Officer

Andrew was born in Barrington, IL.  He currently attends IllinoisWesleyan University and plans on receiving his degree in InternationalBusiness.  Cadet Miller will commission in May 2006 and join many of hispeers on active duty.  Andrew has been assigned to Air Defense Artilleryfor three years, after which, he will continue to serve with the MilitaryIntelligence branch.  He feels a sense of accomplishment in becoming theteacher as an MS IV while training the younger cadets.

Mark Swenson

S-2 Intelligence Officer

Mark is originally from East Moline, IL.  In December of 2006 CadetSwenson will commission and receive his degree in Public Administration.

Eric Steven Anderson

S-3 Operations Officer

Eric’s branch assignment is Armor and he will be serving on activeduty.  He will begin his service in May 2006 when he commissions. Cadet Anderson will also be receiving his degree in Political Science. Eric has completed Airborne School, Leadership Development and AssessmentCourse, and Cadet Troop Leadership Training.  His hometown is Schaumburg,IL.

Blake Jones

Assistant S-3

Charles Creed

Assistant S-3

Charlie came to ISU from Oak Park, IL.  He expects to commission in May2006 as an Ordnance officer on active duty.  Cadet Creed will receive hisBachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Military Science.  He hasbeen a member of Rifle Team and Ranger Challenge for all 4 years he attendedISU.  He is Airborne qualified and completed CTLT and Warrior Forge.

Aakar Brahmbhatt

S-4 Logistics Officer

Aakar’s hometown is Schaumburg, IL.  He plans on joining the IllinoisNational Guard as a Military Intelligence officer after commissioning in May2007.  Aakar is currently studying to earn a degree in BusinessAdministration.  Cadet Brahmbhatt is a member of Charlie Compnay,341st Military Intelligence Battalion.

Jeremy Dugena

Assistant S-4

Jeremy plans on commissioning in May 2007 with a degree in ConstructionManagement.  He came to ISU from Geneva, IL.   Jeremy plans toremain a part of 106th Cavalry Troop after commissioning. Cadet Dugena is a member of ISU Club Soccer.

Nicholas Krzesinski

S-5/S-6 Communications Officer

Nicholas came to ISU from Oak Forest, IL.  He expects to commission inAugust 2006 into the Illinois National Guard but has not received his branchassignment yet.  Cadet Krzesinski will receive his Bachelor of Arts inMathematics Education.  He completed Leadership Training Camp.  Hebelieves the most important part of his ROTC experience has been theopportunity to meet and get to know the other cadets, people he refers to asoutstanding individuals.

Nicholas J. Miller

MS III Advisor

Cadet Miller’s hometown is Moline, IL.  Nicholas is studying PoliticalScience and plans to commission in December 2006.  The bonds people formthrough military training have impressed Nick.

Tom Robideau

MS III Advisor

Tom plans on commissioning in December 2006.  He is from ArlingtonHeights, IL and is currently studying Social Science Education.  Aftercompleting his degree and commissioning Tom wishes to stay in the IllinoisNational Guard as a Military Police Officer.  Although Cadet Robideau’stime in the Army is limited, he has had the unique opportunity to run away froma Wild Turkey as it chased him during a field training exercise.

Matt Zelasko

MS III Advisor

Matt Zelasko commissions in May 2007 after he completes his degree inRecreational Management.  Matt came to Illinois State University fromChicago, IL.  He served four years in the Army National Guard and hastraveled to Poland as part of a joint training exercise called BALTOPS. After leaving ISU, Matt plans on remaining with his National Guard Cavalryunit.

Benjamin Joseph Mosko

Ben will commission in December 2006 upon completion of his degree inPsychology.  He is originally from Vernon Hills, IL.  Cadet Moskowants to be stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington as an active duty InfantryOfficer.  He is also an important part of the ISU Lacrosse Team, currentlyacting as the head coach after four years as a player.