Hampton University

Class of 1948 First Commissionees

The History of the Pirate Battalion

The Hampton Regiment was organized by General Samuel C. Armstrong in 1916, as part of a requirement for all male students at Hampton Institute to participate in military training, a requirement that lasted until the 1968-1969 school year.

The Hampton Regiment was designated a Senior ROTC unit in 1919, and alternated between that rating and that of a Junior ROTC unit until 1926.

From 1927 to 1942, the Corps of Cadets was organized, trained, and equipped by Hampton Institute without assistance from outside sources. The training was conducted under the supervision of Major Walter Brown.

The Senior ROTC designation was restored to Hampton in 1942 and during the remaining years of World War II, the unit participated in an abbreviated training program.

During the 1946-1947 year, Hampton was designated as an Anti-Aircraft Artillery School, with graduates receiving commissions as second lieutenants in the reserves. The first Anti-Aircraft Artillery Officers were commissioned from Hampton in 1948.

Hampton Institute converted from an Anti-Aircraft Artillery School to a General Military Science training program in 1955.This designation permitted officers to be commissioned in all branches.

In 1973, Army ROTC units began offering, (for the First Time) commission to females.

In 1985, the Pirate Battalion was created under the new structure of US Army Cadet Command, and has since commissioned over 1,500 Army officers.