Hampton University

Field Leadership Reaction Course (FLRC)

LTC (Retired) Claude Vann

President, Hampton University Military Association

Hampton University Military Alumni Association

The alumni association maintains the lineage and honors for the ROTC program. It fosters and maintain a positive image of the military.. The association assists the ROTC cadre by referring outstanding students to attend Hampton and to participate in the ROTC programs.  It recognizes distinguished Hampton alumnus and serves as mentors and sponsors for recent commissionees.

The membership composes of personnel that have been commissioned through the ROTC programs at  Hampton, present and former members  of the cadre and staff, parents and spouses of  any deceased individuals who would, if living, be eligible and military personnel attending Hampton University for degree completion.


MG Arthur Holmes

Battalion Commander in Vietnam

Class of 1952 (Ordnance)

MG Charles Hood

Class of 1958

BG Rudolph Francis

Class of 1959

MG Wallace Arnold

Chief of Psychological Operations for XXIV Corps in Vietnam, Former Commanding General of US Army Cadet Command

Class of 1960 (Air Defense Artillery)

MG Melvin Johnson

Class of 1968

BG Samuel Kindred

Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam, Recipient of the Purple Heart, Former Deputy Commanding General of US Army Recruiting Command

Class of 1969 (Aviation/Logistics)

BG George Brown

Class of 1959

BG Rudolph Francis

Class of 1969 (Medical)

BG Mark McAlister

Former Commanding General of US Army Soldier Support Institute

Class of 1981(Finance)

LTG Darrell Williams

Director of the Defense Logistics Agency, Commander of 1st Sustainment Command (Theater) in Iraq and Afghanistan

Class of 1983 (Quartermaster)

LTG Robert Ferrell

Former Chief Information Officer of the US Army

Class of 1985 (Signal)

BG Xavier Brunson

Chief of Staff of the XVIII Airborne Corps

Class of 1990 (Infantry)