George Mason University

Headquarters, Cadet Command established the Senior Army ROTC program at George Mason University in 1982.


the Patriot Battalion has grown into one of the most viable Senior ROTC Battalions in the Eastern Region, often competing with many larger ROTC programs in terms of Basic and Advance Camp performance, recruiting, retention, and commission mission accomplishment.

Cadets plan and execute numerous training exercises that focus on developing tactical proficiency while cultivating leadership skills. To build on leadership development, all training is planned and administered by Military Science IV cadets. In addition to demanding academics and strenuous training, cadets also participate in extracurricular activities.

As the program grows, cadets continue to develop the maturity, responsibility, leadership skills and confidence necessary to be successful officers in the United States Army.

The Patriot Battalion transitioned from a subordinate company of Georgetown University Army ROTC to a separate battalion in October 2000. The Patriot Battalion stands ready to support Cadet Command's mission to commission the future officer leadership of the United States Army.

The Patriot Battalion officially became a stand alone battalion on 1 Oct 2002.