Fordham University

Cadet Collins

ROTC is an incredible experience.  It has helped to provide me with several skills like time management, effective communication, and problem solving that have made me a great student and will make me a better leader.  It has also provided me with a number of unforgettable experiences, from traveling overseas, to meeting generals and other officials, to providing unique training.  During the day to day experiences of ROTC, I have made some of the closest friends I will ever have. Our physical training gives me a constant motivation to stay in shape.  Being a cadet in this program has definitely made me more confident and successful as an NYU student.

Cadet Wester

Throughout high school I had aspirations of becoming a military officer. After researching my options, I found that the Army most suited what I was looking for in a military experience. With my mind set on becoming an Army officer, I explored the various commissioning sources. I looked into West Point, but decided that it was not for me, and did not pursue it. ROTC initially attracted me because it would allow me to experience college as a civilian, as well as train for the entirety of my college career. However, I did not receive a ROTC scholarship while in high school, and I became rather disheartened. I decided to attend Fordham University as a civilian, and not enroll in the ROTC program. By Thanksgiving of my freshman year, I was looking for something more. I enjoyed my classes, and found a new love in the sport of rugby, but knew that I was still missing something. Over Christmas break I decided to enroll in the program as soon as I returned in January, and I did just that. A semester later I became a contracted cadet and was able to fully experience what the Ram Battalion has to offer. ROTC is not always easy, and it is not for everybody, but it was certainly the right choice for me.

Cadet Scalione

My leadership and time management skills have increased greatly with the varying levels of responsibility that I have received during my time as a cadet. I am now a stronger, more decisive, and more confident person because of the training that NYC ROTC has given me. I now approach challenging situations directly, whereas in the past I would have been reluctant to do so. My fellow cadets are the most supportive people I know, and although they are always there to lend a helping hand, they always push me to strive for self-sufficiency in all my tasks. The training required for becoming an Army officer in the 21st century is both mentally and physically challenging, but because of the encouragement and assistance from my fellow cadets, and the wealth of experience that the cadre bring to the program, my transition from a civilian to an officer has been made much easier!

CDT McKernon

As I enter my fourth year of ROTC, I am amazed by the fact that I entered ROTC just "to check it out", only to now be on the brink of commissioning as an officer in the United States Army.  My decision to join ROTC has profoundly affected my life for the better, and the Army has given me the discipline, skills, and drive to succeed in every facet of my life, in both the military and civilian worlds.