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ROTC isn’t all work. Cadets enjoy themselves at our annual military ball.

Cadets enjoy the ball.

ROTC isn’t all work. Cadets enjoy themselves at our annual military ball.

“ Being in ROTC doesn’t mean you give up your life. ROTC classes are only a couple days a week, which leaves plenty of time for other things, like sports, clubs, fraternities or sororities. ”

Cadet Ann C., Orlando, FL

See how interesting college can be when you're a part of Army ROTC. You'll be a college student first and foremost, just like the rest of the student body, but there's a key difference: you'll have even more opportunities to succeed.

These opportunities include Field Training Exercises (FTXs) in the spring and fall where Cadets build their teamwork and leadership skills. Cadets also participate in Physical Training (PT) on a regular basis to keep up their strength and endurance.

In addition, each battalion has its own unique calendar of events and activities.

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Being a member of the Moccasin Battalion…

…means you are a part of something larger than yourself and a member of ateam of achievers who are preparing to embark on a great adventure of serviceto the Nation.

In the Moccasin Battalion…

…our cadets are challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally. At thesame time, they have fun doing it. The training our cadets receive isapplicable to any occupation or career path, so even those not seeking acommission as an Officer, can gain something from Army ROTC.

Army ROTC at Florida Southern College…

…has over a 50 year tradition of excellence. Nine of our of graduates havegone on to become generals in the military. The combination of the ROTCtraining with the excellent education provided by Florida Southern, makes ourgraduates better prepared to face the challenges of this modern and complexworld.