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The Florida Southern College Moccasin Battalion poses for a Christmas picture.

The Moccasin Battalion

The Florida Southern College Moccasin Battalion poses for a Christmas picture.

Florida Southern College Army ROTC is dedicated to developing our cadets into successful leaders and future Army Officers. Our hands-on approach to teaching and the small size of our unit, allows for cohesion and better more effective instruction. With strong support from the College, our ROTC department is one of the best in the Nation and the combination of academic excellence and dedicated commitment from our cadre create a strong and viable program.

Battalion History

Unit History
The Reserve Officer Training Corps was established by the National Defense Act of 1916. ROTC was created to develop a reserve of trained officers available for service. The Army ROTC program at Florida Southern College was established on January 15, 1951. The original mission of the unit was to commission lieutenants in the Military Police Corps, but, in 1953, the curriculum changed to general military service. Enrollment in ROTC was originally mandatory for all freshman and sophomore males attending Florida Southern College. The program began operating on a voluntary basis in the academic year 1971-72.

The Moccasin Battalion is organized into one company, two platoons, and three squads each. Third year Cadets serve as acting Company Commander, First Sergeants, Platoon Leaders, Platoon Sergeants, and squad leaders, preparing them for both their five weeks at LDAC and their upcoming roles as Platoon Leaders upon receiving their commissions. Fourth year Cadets, serve as Battalion staff and, together with cadre members, serve as the juniors’ teachers and graders. It is also the responsibility of the senior Cadets to create the training schedule for the entire battalion and instruct the underclassmen.

Cadets in the Florida Southern ROTC program have the opportunity to participate in several additional Army programs. These include Color Guard, Ranger Challenge, U.S. Army Airborne and Air Assault Schools, and Cadet Troop Leadership Training (CTLT). Following successful completion of ROTC Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) in Fort Lewis, Washington, Cadets are eligible to participate in CTLT at Army installations around the world. There they perform the duties of Second Lieutenants and gain valuable experience leading soldiers.

After sixty years, Florida Southern College Army ROTC continues its tradition of providing the highest quality officers for service in the United States Army. Train to Lead!

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