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All kinds of activities to become involved in!

Cadet Washburn, Color Guard Sergeant in Charge presenting the National Colors at a Drexel University Basketball Games

All kinds of activities to become involved in!

“ As the Cadet SGM for TASK FORCE DRAGON, I have learned that if one invests 100% in the ROTC program and challenge yourself constantly you will reach your goal. If you continue to devote yourself to becoming the Officer you know you are capable of, you will look back at your academic senior year and see the once inexperienced college student has become a qualified. ”

Cadet Andrew D’Amelio, Film & Video Major, MSIV,East Haddam, Connecticut

See how interesting college can be when you're a part of Army ROTC. You'll be a college student first and foremost, just like the rest of the student body, but there's a key difference: you'll have even more opportunities to succeed.

These opportunities include Field Training Exercises (FTXs) in the spring and fall where Cadets build their teamwork and leadership skills. Cadets also participate in Physical Training (PT) on a regular basis to keep up their strength and endurance.

In addition, each battalion has its own unique calendar of events and activities.

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Being a member of TASK FORCE DRAGON

Being a member of TASK FORCE DRAGON means you are part of a unique consortium of some of the region’s and nation’s top-ranked schools. You are part of a team made up of students who are leaders both on and off-campus. You are part of a Corps of Cadets that is learning and growing each day. You part of a team that really cares about its members. You are part of a team where excellence is recognized, both by awards and by award of full tuition scholarships. You are part of a team that takes pride in all it does, and has a fun time doing it!