Drexel University

Cadet Baker

I am a Business and Engineering Major at Drexel University. I came to Drexel after a gap year in Seville, Spain, where I was learning the spanish language and european culture. I enjoy running and playing soccer. After school I hope to work for International Justice Mission.

Cadet Ehret


I joined ROTC because I wanted a unique nursing experience while being able to give back to my country. In my free time, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends.

Cadet Fink

Business and Engineering

I joined Army ROTC to better myself and to be a leader among my peers. Outside of ROTC I am an associate member at Lambda Chi Alpha, I attend the gym regularly, and I like to play various sports for fun such as frisbee, soccer, and volleyball.

Cadet Frick

Cadet Frick is a superb example of the Cadets who make up TASK FORCE DRAGON, Philadelphia’s Army ROTC Consortium. Just prior to his senior year, he had this to say about the program: "What is ROTC to me? Drexel Army ROTC is more than a leadership program that teaches resilience, confidence, and ethics. For the past three years, ROTC has been my home away from home. It has provided me with lifelong mentors and friendships. ROTC has helped me become the man I am today. Drexel Army ROTC is a place where the Army values are demonstrated and developed daily—Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage. The Cadre and Cadets in the program work tirelessly to develop each Cadet into competent and innovative Army Officers. They provide the instruction and tools for success, and expect the best. That is what ROTC brings out in students, their very best efforts and qualities."

Cadet Geesey

Electrical Engineering

I joined ROTC in order to follow in the footsteps of my uncle and grandfather who both served in the Army, and to give something back to the country that I was born and raised in. After commissioning, I hope to develop and lead my subordinates in an honorable and respectful manner. In my spare time I work as an engineer for the Army Research Lab at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

Cadet Getsay

Nursing, Junior

Looking back, I realize that joining ROTC was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve been able to take away some great skills in leadership and life that I’ve applied to my nursing studies. I also enjoy the camaraderie of it all, as some of my closest friends are in the program. Balancing classes, clinicals, ROTC, and a job has it’s difficulties, but I’ve still been able to find time to enjoy the excitement of college and train for two marathons! If I were to give any one reason to join ROTC, it would be for the exciting opportunities and career growth that exists in the Army. If you’re a nursing major and want to do something meaningful with your career, consider the great pride that comes with serving our nation’s finest.

Cadet Goldblatt

Mechanical Engineering

I joined the Army in order to serve my country, travel the world, and meet/work with the everyday heroes of our military. I am part of the Drexel Rugby team and also enjoy playing basketball and running.

Cadet Hetman

Environmental Science

I joined ROTC because my family has a long history in the military and I wanted to become the first commissioned officer. Outside of ROTC I occupy my time hiking, volunteer coaching a crew team, or skiing when the river freezes over.

Cadet Milesky

Bachelors of Science in Nursing

Joining Drexel’s Army ROTC program has given me an amazing opportunity to expand on my leadership knowledge, push myself physically, and provide me with an appropriate patient demographic for an Emergency Medicine specialty after graduation. In my spare time I love to travel with friends and family, go for runs, and read on the beach in the summer.

Cadet Paige

The Army, specifically the combat arms community, has always appealed to me as a profession that would allow me to serve in both physically and mentally challenging positions, travel to other parts of the world, and work with the most motivated and intelligent soldiers. Personally, I am an Operations and Information Management major at the University of Pennsylvania, where I played Sprint Football for four years and was a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

Outside of school and ROTC, I enjoy playing punk songs on the guitar, lifting weights, and reading about ancient military history.

I will join the Field Artillery Branch on active duty after graduating in May 2014.

Cadet Rant

I am currently a senior at Drexel, studying Pre-Physical Therapy. In my free time, I like to play soccer and currently play for Drexel Woman’s Club Soccer as well as Medford Woman’s Soccer Association. My brother, who is currently serving as an Active Duty 1LT, influenced me to join ROTC four years ago. Since then, I have gained valuable experiences such as Warrior Forge as well as Airborne School. This spring, I will be commissioning as a Quartermaster officer in the NJ National Guard. My goal is to eventually attend Baylor University and serve on Active Duty as an Army Physical Therapist. ROTC has taught me leadership skills that no other college student can obtain. After commissioning, I will carry these skills with me throughout my Army and civilian careers.

Cadet Troillet

"I Joined Army ROTC to give back to the United States of America, and to continue a family legacy of serving within the military. Not to mention the fact that you may have the opportunity to have some serious fun, including but not limited to, blowing stuff up in an Abrams tank." – Cadet Troillet, MSIII

Army ROTC at Drexel University is one of the best ROTC programs within 2nd Brigade, and offers its student an experience that can last a lifetime. The program makes you feel welcome and at home even if you are a non-contracted cadet and not sure if the military is for you. You will be pushed to your limits, physically during the multiple physical training sessions per week and the Army physical fitness test. You will be pushed mentally, challenging you to overcome your fears with the Army confidence course and multiple obstacle courses. You will learn how to lead others through anything including combat situations when we go out for field training exercises and conduct situational training exercises. All of these experiences are offered at no commitment, and produce some of the best officers and leaders, leaders America needs. These types of experiences are invaluable, and the opportunities only expand once your take the next step and contract into the U.S. Army. Contracted cadets receive monthly stipends, and have the opportunity to travel with a program called CULP, or Cultural understanding and Language progression. I will be spending over a month in Macedonia with 30 other cadets conducting allied military training. I would never have this kind of opportunity if it were not for the Army ROTC program. So far the program has taught me more than I ever imagined, and given me opportunities very few have, all the while the Cadre have been there supporting me, and pushing me to succeed.

Cadet Weis

"By joining ROTC you are not only joining a strong brotherhood but you are also preparing to be a future leader in the worlds greatest army. In ROTC you will gain the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader in life. ROTC will give you many opportunities that you would not get by being a normal college student. During ROTC you will get training from the best leaders in the world that will help you develop not only as a cadet but also as an overall person. By joining ROTC you will be embarking on a great journey that will change your life forever." Cadet Weis