Cameron University
Often, the cadets learn more outside of the classroom doing practical exercises.

Going to the field

Often, the cadets learn more outside of the classroom doing practical exercises.

Army ROTC at Cameron University

Like the state of Oklahoma and the great Comanche nation, CameronUniversity’s Comanche ROTC Battalion has a proud and illustrious history. From 1951 to 1966 the Federal Government began its mandatory 2 year program ofbasic Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) for incoming Freshmen andSophomores at all Federally funded colleges and universities.  While allfreshmen and sophomores were obligated to enroll and participate, there was noobligation for military service.  The advanced course, for juniors andseniors, did carry an obligatory service requirement ranging up to 6 years in avariety of options; Active, Reserve, or National Guard service.  It wasduring this time that Cameron reached it’s peak enrollment of over 1,800cadets.  However, at this time Cameron did not grant 4 year degrees,therefore, any cadets wishing to pursue a commission, needed to transfer to a 4year college or university offering ROTC.

In 1970, following Cameron’s transition to a four year degree grantinginstitution, the Comanche Battalion commissioned our first class.  Thatyear we commissioned 35 Second Lieutenants, the first of many more tocome!  Since that group volunteers, over 600 officers have beencommissioned from the Comanche battalion at Cameron University’s ROTCprogram.  From the jungles of Southeast Asia in Vietnam, to the 1,000 milelong Iron Curtain in Cold War Europe, from the deserts of Southwest Asia inSaudi Arabia and Kuwait, to the frozen Sava River in Bosnia, these outstandingyoung men and women have served their nation proudly in both times of peace andwar, in and out of uniform.