California State University - Fresno

Leadership Reaction Course

Since 1982 Fresno State’s Mighty Bulldog Battalion has been forging leaders.Over two hundred and seventy officers have graduated from our program andhave gone on to be leaders in our nation's Army, corporate America, and incommunities local and aboard. 

More than anything, our program represents opportunity. Specifically,opportunities to:

-Serve your country as a commissioned officer
-Develop and hone the leadership skills that will serve you the rest of yourlife
-Explore the outer limits of your abilities both physically and mentally
-Discover the incredible array of career opportunities available
-Gain financial backing for your education
-Experience adventures you will not find anywhere else
-Forge friendships that will last your lifetime

We are founded in the philosophy of theSoldier’s Creedand live theArmyValues.  We are not for everyone! It takes a special person to live upto this creed and to practice our values. Frankly, we are rather picky about who we want leading our children and grandchildren!

We believe that hands-on application of theoretical instruction is thecornerstone of developing leadership skills. We also believe that you will not find a more committed group of instructors and staff than in the Bulldog Battalion. Each is committed to the development and success of each cadet.

I invite anyone who is interested in our program and what we have to offer,to come by our offices and talk to our cadets and our staff. It could change your life.

Train to Lead!
Michael P. Busteed
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
Professor of Military Science

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