Bucknell University
Cadets are commissioned as second lieutenants upon graduation.


Cadets are commissioned as second lieutenants upon graduation.

“ "ROTC has proven to have been a rewarding path for me. My many great experiences, whether in the classroom, PT field, or out in the woods for an FTX, taught me how to perform as a member of a team in fast-paced, high-pressure environments, as well as how to handle large amounts of responsibilities. These skills not only helped me in ROTC but also academically as well. ROTC set me up for success, as it taught me how to manage my time most efficiently. Today, I am working my dream intelligence job on the civilian side in Washington, DC, and I can confidently say it wouldn't have been possible had I not joined ROTC my freshman year. My leaders in ROTC always told us that the skills we gain through ROTC are valuable skills we will take with us for the rest of our lives. I never forgot that and can already say they were right. I absolutely loved my time spent at Bucknell University and couldn't be more grateful that I made ROTC apart of it. " ”

LT James Loveys, Bucknell University ‘16, 


After you graduate from college, you will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. Your career as an Officer will be just beginning, and you'll find a variety of interesting Officer career fields, called branches, in the Army. Once you choose your Army branch, you will embark on specialized training.

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Upon completion of Officer branch training and a first assignment, Army Officers may pursue additional specialized training and post-graduate education opportunities. You will most likely be assigned to advanced leadership positions and to staff positions. Also, you may develop doctrine, teach military tactics or serve as advisors.