Austin Peay State University
Cadets are challenged in a variety of ways so that they can grow physically, mentally, and socially. One of our most intense training events is the Ranger Challenge competition that takes place each fall at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. At the competition, cadets from all over the mid south compete in several events over two days.

Cadet Evick knocks out pushups during the Ranger Challenge Competition

Cadets are challenged in a variety of ways so that they can grow physically, mentally, and socially. One of our most intense training events is the Ranger Challenge competition that takes place each fall at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. At the competition, cadets from all over the mid south compete in several events over two days.

Cadet Micka

"APSU ROTC is providing me the opportunity to finish my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing. I get to train, grow, and help others everyday in ROTC. I get to be a part of a team that strives for excellence and supports one another along the way. I am excited about my future endeavors and honored to be in APSU’s Army ROTC program, hooah!"

Cadet Willey

"From an early age, I had always wanted to be an Officer in the United States Army. After searching for ROTC programs at different colleges I came across Austin Peay’s Army ROTC program. The first thing that jumped out at me was the results they produced, that were clearly seen in the quality of officers that graduated from this medium sized college (top 15% of the nation). The summer after my senior year of high school I started my application process for a full-ride scholarship, the rest is history. So far the experiences I have had at APSU Army ROTC have been very challenging both physically and mentally, but still very rewarding. The values I have learned and the discipline I have acquired is irreplaceable and it will stay with me for the rest of my life."

Cadet Berry

"I always wanted to be in the Army because of my father and grandfather. They were both Sergeant Majors in the Army. I chose to go to college and join the Army ROTC program. I joined to make my family proud. I recently attended the Leader’s Training Course in Fort Knox where I participated in physical fitness training, learned about Army values and ethics, and weapons training."

Cadet Gonzalez

"After eight years of enlisted active duty service in the Regular Army, I chose the Green to Gold Active Duty Option to further advance my military career.  That choice brought me to the APSU ROTC program. APSU ROTC is giving me the chance to earn a four-year degree and develop as a soldier, leader, and person. The Governors Guard Battalion provides unexpected challenges, advanced leadership development, and great training for the future leaders of the Army. The professional development that APSU ROTC has provided and continues to provide will have a lasting effect on my military career. Once I become a commissioned officer in the United States Army, I look forward to continuing my development and the development of my future soldiers as we fight for our country and our way of life."

Cadet Batchelor

"I always wanted to attend college after graduating from high school. Unfortunately, I was not financially able to pay for college. As a Senior in high school, I toured Austin Peay’s campus and met the cadre in the ROTC department. I learned about the Army ROTC scholarships and quickly applied. I am very grateful to be able to attend college with an Army ROTC scholarship. ROTC has already been extremely rewarding for me. I have learned so much about the Army, and I look forward to becoming an Army Officer."

Cadet Herron

"I am a senior at APSU completing my degree in Political Science.  I contribute to our Battalion as the Cadet Public Affairs Officer and Ranger Challenge Commander.  Although I had ROTC scholarship offers from other colleges, I chose to attend APSU after high school graduation because of all I had heard about its strong ROTC program.  The Governors Guard Battalion is unique as it has a large number of prior service Soldiers and current Active Duty Soldiers.  They influence the Battalion with their experience, and we are able to use Ft. Campbell to improve our training in land navigation and basic rifle marksmanship.  ROTC has had a tremendous impact on my life and career.  The program drove me to exceed the standards in physical fitness, academics, and leadership.  With the training I have received, I will graduate and commission this May as a Medical Service Officer.  I hope to become a MEDEVAC pilot and stay in the Army for a career.  Joining APSU ROTC was the best decision of my life so far."

Cadet Glover

"I served in the Army for seven years before deciding to go through the Green to Gold program as a three year scholarship recipient.  I chose the ROTC program at Austin Peay State University because of its reputation.  While doing my research, I learned that APSU had one of the most prestigious ROTC programs in the country, and I wanted to be a part of that.  This is my second year in the program, and I truly feel that APSU’s ROTC program is exceptional. It has contributed to my growth and development in all aspects of work and my personal life.  I know that through this experience I will become a more effective leader and a difference maker as a commissioned officer in the Army."

Cadet Cavanary

"I am a sophomore at APSU and an MS II in the ROTC program. I joined ROTC because I come from an Army family, and I wanted to become the first officer in my family.  I wanted to stand out in my family’s military history by seeking a commission as a Second Lieutenant.  I am glad to be a part of one the best ROTC programs in the country.  The cadre and senior Cadets take pride in teaching the junior Cadets all the important information to be successful at LDAC.  So far, I can say I have matured and learned a lot about becoming a better student, soldier, and leader. As an officer, I want to branch Infantry and I am looking forward to attending the Airborne and Air Assault courses."

Cadet Fisher

"I am Soldier in the Army Reserve, enrolled in Austin Peay ROTC through the Simultaneous Membership Program. I joined APSU ROTC because I want to lead. The experience that the prior service soldiers bring to this Battalion cannot be matched. The Governors Guard exemplifies the definition of teamwork in a competitive atmosphere. I am learning the tactics I need to succeed and developing the mentality it takes to lead.  I plan to graduate with degrees in both Political Science and Foreign Language.  I hope to become a Military Intelligence Officer."

Cadet Smith

"My name is Patrick Smith, and I am in my second semester at APSU and the ROTC program.  I have been in the Army for eight years.  I joined the ROTC program under the Green to Gold active duty option.  Throughout my career, I have had many experiences that helped me grow as a person and leader.  I decided to join ROTC so I could better myself and bring my experience and knowledge to the officer corps.  ROTC is a great opportunity for anyone interested in a military career, advancing that career, or just someone that wants a way to pay for their education while showing patriotism and serving this great nation.  The Governors Guard Battalion is unique because we have so many prior service and active duty Cadets that provide a wealth of knowledge to the program.  In just a short time here, I have already learned things and made friends that will last a lifetime."

Cadet Henderson

"My name is Steven Henderson.  I am currently an MS I and a freshman here at APSU.  So far, I am enjoying college life and the ROTC program.  APSU ROTC is one of the best in the nation, and I love being a part of the Governors Guard Battalion.  I have always wanted to serve in the military.  The best part about Army ROTC is that we have the opportunity to put our classroom learning to use in field training exercises.  Going out to Ft. Campbell for a firing range and to conduct Land Navigation have been some of my best experiences at APSU.  We also have PT every other day at 0600, which is my favorite part of the day. Austin Peay ROTC has been great thus far, and it’s close to home for me.  Once I graduate and commission, I plan to branch Aviation and become an Army Aviator."