Arizona State University
The Sun Devil® Battalion at the conclusion of the Fall 2005 FTX.

The Sun Devil® Battalion

The Sun Devil® Battalion at the conclusion of the Fall 2005 FTX.

Cadet Kellie L.

Senior, Tucson, AZ

It’s just a great learning tool.  They challenge you to push yourselfphysically, mentally and emotionally.  It also gives you the tools tomanage your time efficiently.  Its just and overall great program and Ilove it!

Cadet Travis P.

Senior, Mesa, AZ

The ASU Army ROTC program has given me many opportunities to excel, and itis through these opportunities that I have grown and been able to challengemyself to be better.  Being in the Sun Devil Battalion has changed my lifecompletely and will always be seen as some of the greatest years in mylife.

Cadet Shauntá M.

Junior, Phoenix, AZ

It’s a great program!  I am finally working out regularly and I’m morefocused and driven by the goals I have set with ROTC.

Cadet Chad N.

Junior, Tempe, AZ

The cadre at ASU Army ROTC battalion are willing to stay late and dedicatetheir personal time to ensure that the students understand and achieveall tasks and conditions.  They really do go above and beyondhere!

Cadet Josh K.

Junior, Avondale, AZ

I think the ASU Army ROTC battalion is a challenging and exciting adventureeveryday.  They built my confidence and inspired me to push myself ineverything I do.

Cadet Daniel U.

Junior, Casa Grande, AZ

ROTC provides an opportunity to learn practical leadership skills in anorganized and encouraging environment.  Above all else, the camaraderieand friendship that the cadets share in incomparable and indelible.

Cadet Jordan B.

Sophomore, Salem, Massachusetts

I learn something new and exciting everyday in my ASU Army ROTC classes.

Cadet Arky M.

Sophomore, Glendale, Arizona

ASU Army ROTC is a tough and rewarding course that challenges you mentallyand physically.  It has taught me discipline and given me more confidencein school and everything else that I do.

Cadet Jesus M.

Sophomore, Somerton, Arizona

The Army ROTC program at ASU has given me profound insight into leadershipand how to succeed with college life.

Cadet Mario M.

Sophomore, Milford, Massachusetts

ROTC teaches you how to take responsibility for not only yourself, butothers and in doing so teaches you valuable lesson about the real world fewstudents get.

Cadet Travis S.

Sophomore, Scottsdale, Arizona

ROTC is a great experience.  If you’re sick of being a follower, ROTCwill teach you to become a leader.

Cadet Matthew V.

Sophomore, Fountain Hills, Arizona

Army ROTC at ASU is very mentally and physically challenging.  I haveexpanded my knowledge greatly in all aspects of life.