Alabama A&M University

Army ROTC at Alabama A&M University over the years

Alabama A&M has been producing outstanding Army Officers since theprogram started in 1971 and commissioned the battalions first officers in1973.

Army ROTC at Alabama A&M University has led the way in Army History

In 1988, Alabama A&M commissioned 2LT Angie Norman who became the firstfemale to complete Apache Helicopter Transition Training. In 1973 AlabamaA&M commissioned 2LT Willie Clyde Marsh who later became Rear Admiral ofthe Navy’s 5th Fleet during Operation Iraqi Freedom. QuintonMcCorvey was commander of the Patriot Missile unit that shot down the firstscud missile during Operation Dessert Storm. 

Army ROTC at Alabama A&M University is the #1 ranked Historical Black Colleges and Universities

Based upon current college LDAC rankings and commissioning mission, AlabamaA&M ranks as the number 1 HBCU in the nation.