Army Reserve
Specialist Aveon Bland
Little Rock, AR
Army Position:
Fort Lewis, WA
Civilian Job:


The Long Haul

SPC Aveon Bland: I thought the Reserve would be a good choice for me because it still offers me the ability to go to school and develop the civilian career goals that I have set for myself.

They're very flexible in honoring your commitment with them as well as your commitment in your civilian sector.

I do spend time on the post: I use the gym, I definitely use the commissary because of the benefits there, and I also like to come here just maybe to hang out sometimes.

The people that I've met in the Army Reserve are great people. I met some of the officers, such as generals, down to enlisted personnel-you learn from everybody.

I am in it for the long haul myself, and I would like to become a general in the Army Reserve, so I have a commitment ahead of me.

I'm more goal-oriented, I'm more determined, I'm more of a self-starter, I have a lot more initiative than I ever would have had, had I not been a member of the Army Reserve.