75th Ranger Regiment
75th Ranger RGT Firing Line

Requirements to successfully complete RASP are as follows:

  • Minimum score of 240 on the APFT (80 percent in each event) and ability to complete 6 chin-ups.
  • Must complete 5-mile run in 40 minutes or less.
  • Must complete 12-mile footmarch in 3 hours or less with a 35lb rucksack.
  • Must successfully complete the Ranger Swim Ability Evaluation (RSAE) while displaying confidence in the water.
  • Must conduct full psychological screening with no major psychological profiles identified by the Regimental Psychologist.
  • RASP 1 candidates must pass security screening with the ability to be able to receive a SECRET clearance. RASP 2 candidates must have a minimum of an Interim SECRET clearance prior to attending the course.
  • Must pass the Commander's Board.  For RASP 1 candidates this event is for select individuals based on peer evaluations, cadre assessment, and overall performance. The Commander’s Board is a requirement for all RASP 2 candidates.
  • RASP 1 candidates must successfully complete the RASP 1 Program of Instruction (POI) in order to serve in the 75th Ranger Regiment.

RASP 1 is an 8 week selection course broken down into two phases.  Ranger candidates will learn the basics of what it takes to become a member of an elite fighting force.  Candidates are tested on their mental and physical capabilities, while learning the advanced skills all Rangers are required to know to start their career with the 75th Ranger Regiment.  Phase 1 focuses more on the critical events and skill level 1 tasks and Phase 2 focuses on training in Marksmanship, Breaching, Mobility, and Physical Fitness.

RASP 2 is a selection course for Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, Officers, and Warrant Officers.  Candidates are tested on their physical and mental capabilities while learning the special tactics, techniques and procedures that set the Regiment apart, and learning the expectations of leading and developing young Rangers to be the Regimental leadership of tomorrow.

Upon successful completion of RASP, candidates will don the tan beret and 75th Ranger Regiment Scroll, knowing that they are a U.S. Army Ranger, and a member of one of the finest and most distinguished Army units in the world.

Remember: Begin any fitness program only after consulting with, and being cleared to begin your physical training program, by a qualified medical doctor.