The ranger motto, “Sua Sponte” means “Of their own accord.” The phrase recognizes the fact that a ranger volunteers three times; for the Army, for Airborne School, and for the Ranger Regiment.

75th Ranger Regiment
75th Ranger RGT Night Fire
75th Ranger RGT Nightvision


Modern warfare requires modern solutions.  Creativity, problem solving, diplomacy, and a quick mind are required to succeed on an increasingly complex battlefield.  Rangers place a high value on their ability to out think as well as out fight their opponent.

75th Ranger RGT fast roping CH47

Mental Toughness

Rangers have to be mentally tough enough to make the right calls, both tactically and morally, when operating in small tactical elements far from their bases of support.  Rangers know that from the beginning of time, conflicts are won in the mind first.  From the cliffs of Ponte-du-Hoc to the mountains of Afghanistan, Ranger victories in combat have come as a result of the physical and moral courage of Rangers and their Ranger leaders.

75th Ranger RGT MOUT Training

Personal Courage

Facing fear, danger or adversity, Rangers do not waiver when faced with challenges. Rangers know how to face their fears, and trust their training and fellow Rangers to enable survival and success of their task or mission at hand.  They strive to do the right thing morally as well, setting the example for others to follow both on and off duty.

75th Ranger RGT PT


Discipline is the hallmark of the Ranger Regiment.  Disciplined adherence to Regimental standards and the Ranger Creed create the foundation for all other attributes to build upon.  The rapid pace of operations and constant risk faced makes disciplined action and disciplined restraint critical to mission success.

75th Ranger RGT Reloading Pistol


It takes drive and discipline to become a Ranger.  In a unit composed of hand-picked volunteers, every member of the 75th Ranger Regiment has chosen to embrace and uphold the values and traditions of the Regiment.  Rangers proudly display the qualities that make the 75th Ranger Regiment one of the most recognized and esteemed units in the world.