75th Ranger Regiment
A Ranger Soldier stands guard over a helicopter landing.
Ranger Soldiers on night patrol

Specialized Ranger Missions

The modern 75th Ranger Regiment performs a set of specialized missions. These missions include special operations raids, special reconnaissance, and forcible entry operations.

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Historical photo of rangers saluting

History and Heritage of the Army Rangers

The Rangers have a long and storied history that predates the American Revolution. From Robert Rogers’ to William O. Darby, Rangers have served an important role in almost every American conflict.

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Ranger Battalions

The Ranger Regiment is made up of five battalions, each with their own identity and history.

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Ranger hero

Ranger Creed

The 75th Ranger Regiment is more than just a unit. Being a ranger is a lifestyle unlike any other with a creed like no other.

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Commander Robert Rogers, creator of Rogers' Standing Orders

Rogers' Orders

Robert Rogers was a colonial frontiersman who is recognized as the forefather of the Army Rangers. He is most popular for his "28 Rules of Ranging" which he implemented for his own troops during the French and Indian War.

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